Dangerous Liaisons

The Boys | Amazon Prime Video | Season 2 Episode 5: We Gotta Go Now

Now with more canine goodness

After last week, where Becca effectively chose her son over Butcher, Homelander effectively took out his support system, and Stormfront effectively raised an army, The Boys, The Supes – and this week, a Terror – are back in action.

The Supes

We open on a scene where Queen Maeve is looking for ‘Ruby’ in some wreckage in New York City; they find each other and after a tender moment, a director – Adam Bourke – yells ‘cut’ and we see this is a movie shoot for ‘Dawn of The Seven.’ Homelander is reviewing the movie footage when Ashley shows him some footage of her own: Homelander accidentally killing a civilian while taking out a villain. She tells him Mr. Edgar and the legal department don’t want him addressing the incident.

Starlight’s mom, Donna (Ann Cusack), comes to the movie set and talks to Stormfront; she asks Starlight to forgive her for using Compound V on her. Stormfront tells Starlight she should forgive her mother; she says her mother, Adele, never let her do superhero pageants like Donna.

Congresswoman Victoria Neuman speaks at a rally about the Homelander incident; she says she will have hearings on Vought and Compound V. Homelander flies to the scene next to her, and she looks terrified; he takes her microphone and addresses the crowd. He says he’s upset too, but sometimes ‘these things just happen.’ He says freedom comes with a price, but a soldier in the crowd yells that Homelander doesn’t speak for them. The crowd starts chanting ‘you don’t speak for us,’ and Homelander gets angry; with his heat vision he incinerates dozens of people at the rally – in his mind, at least. Instead, he says they are the real heroes and flies off. Later, he watches the footage of himself at the rally, and has a mini breakdown.

On the phone, Stormfront talks to a male nurse (Shawn Ashmore) at a place called Sage Grove Center, about a kid who’s a hero. #Cryptic! As they hang up Homelander shows up; she tells him she’ll have her meme person put together some memes for him (as a way of getting support for Homelander back).

Later, Starlight goes into Stormfront’s trailer after she leaves, correctly guesses her tablet password (Adele), and sees e-mails about Sage Grove Center. When Stormfront comes back, she tells Starlight she knows she leaked the story about Compound V and she’ll tell Vought. Starlight says she’ll tell the world that Stormfront used to be Liberty; Stormfront says Starlight is going to be a big help to her, confusing Starlight. Homelander comes in, Starlight leaves, and Homelander tells Stormfront he owes her for his poll numbers going back up.

Stormfront throws Homelander against a wall and starts kissing him; he returns the favor and they start getting rough. His eyes glow and she tells him to do it; he burns her chest with his heat vision and she tells him she doesn’t break easily. They continue to throw each other around and end up having superhero sex.

(Most of) The Boys

In a bar, Butcher is drowning his sorrows; he picks a fight and takes out some aggression. Later, Hughie calls him, and tells him about Stormfront being Liberty. They discuss this and Becca, but Butcher says goodbye and destroys the SIM card in his phone. Hughie tells MM something is wrong with Butcher because he was being nice…

At the house of Judy Atkinson (Barbara Gordon), the doorbell rings and Butcher is standing there with groceries; we learn Judy is his aunt. In her kitchen, she tells him to call his mother because she’s worried about him. Judy tells him his father’s cancer is getting worse, but he isn’t interested in talking to or seeing either of his parents. He asks Judy where ‘his boy’ is, and finds him – a bulldog names Terror. Butcher takes Terror for a walk – without a leash! – and he talks to the dog; he tells him he thought he, Terror and Becca would grow old together.

Terror and friend

Butcher and Terror come back to Judy’s, and Hughie and MM are there waiting. MM says Hughie heard a dog toy and he knew Butcher kept Terror at his aunt’s. Judy asks Butcher if Hughie looks like ‘Lenny’, but Butcher isn’t interested. Hughie and MM ask for help with Stormfront, but Butcher refuses. He gets in his car, but sees Black Noir on a roof across the street. He goes back inside, starts shutting windows and curtains, and apologizes to his aunt. MM calls in a gas leak to get the entire neighborhood to be out on the streets; he wants an audience for whatever Black Noir is planning.

Black Noir watches as firemen arrive; Butcher decides to keep him busy while Hughie and MM escape – he says he’s tired and needs a break. Hughie says he thought about ending things after Robin died, but he didn’t; he says Butcher is feeling sorry for himself because he doesn’t have anything, but neither does anyone else. Butcher tries to pass, but Hughie and MM block his way.

The firemen eventually leave and the neighbors go back inside. Judy leads The Boys to the ‘taffy room’ – a safe room in the basement; they learn the sweet old lady is also a drug dealer on the side. They also set up explosive traps for Black Noir, should he get into the house.

In the taffy room, Hughie asks Judy who Lenny is, and she tells him Lenny is Butcher’s little brother. She tells Hughie a story about when Butcher and Lenny were kids and how Lenny had a way of making “Billy not be Billy.” She says she thinks Butcher needs someone like that in his life; as she tells Hughie Lenny is dead, they hear several explosions, then footsteps, up above them.

A smoke grenade comes through a vent to the taffy room, and everyone hurries out of the house. Butcher stays back and locks the door; he yells to Black Noir to come out, and he does. MM comes in and starts shooting at Black Noir, but Noir hurls knife into MM and he falls down. Hughie comes in shooting and the men fight; as Black Noir is going to attack Hughie, Butcher tells him he’s got pictures of Ryan and if he lays a finger on any of them, they’ll be released.

Black Noir chokes Butcher, and gets a phone call from Stan Edgar, who can see Butcher from a camera on Black Noir. They make a deal; Butcher won’t release the pictures and he’ll call off Black Noir. Edgar calls him off, and Black Noir leaves. Hughie asks Butcher if he really has pictures; Butcher says ‘of course I do’, and Hughie smiles.

Later, Butcher tells Terror he’s going to get ‘his mum’ back, and he should hang in there and be a good boy for Judy. He gives the dog a Homelander toy to hump; Butcher, MM and Hughie say goodbye to Judy, and take off.

Kimiko and Frenchie

Frenchie follows Kimiko, who goes to meet some men in a bar; she proceeds to kill them, quite violently, despite being shot several times. Frenchie walks in and sees the carnage, and follows after her.

He follows Kimiko to a church, where she goes in and meets Cherie, who hired Kimiko to take out the men. Frenchie tells Kimiko doing this won’t help her, and that it is only poison to her soul. Kimiko signs to him that she got her baby brother – the only thing that mattered to her – killed, and she doesn’t want his help. He doesn’t understand her, gets annoyed, and leaves.

The Deep

We learn through Nancy O’Dell and Extra that The Deep got married! Later, Katie Couric interviews The Deep and his new wife; Cassandra says Kevin had issues, but he’s grown and changed.

A-Train watches an ad The Deep filmed about the Church of the Collective, ending with shaking hands with the founder, Alistair Adana (Goran Visnjic). Later, Maeve goes to see The Deep and tells him she can help him get back into The Seven if he helps her…


A-Train talks to Adam and gives him a proposed rewrite; his dialogue doesn’t seem authentic, and he wants his ‘goodbye speech’ to be open-ended, as if he’s not 100% leaving The Seven. Adam shoots him down, and when A-Train says he’s not going to do the scene, Adam tells him to talk to Ashley.

Stormfront and A-Train chat, and she taunts him about being fired. Ashley comes over and grabs A-Train; they talk about his career and Ashley tells him she’s sorry, but he can either leave with dignity or get fired for shooting up Compound V. He relents, and shoots his goodbye scene as written.

Maeve and Elena talk to Vought’s PR team about re-branding Maeve as a gay superhero and Elena as her girlfriend; Maeve says this is Homelander messing with her and they need to play along in order to be safe, but they’re going to take him down.

Wrap Up

I was able to write a lot of words, but nothing really happened in this episode. The Boys kinda took on Black Noir. Homelander and Stormfront boned. Kimiko took out her anger about losing her brother. The Seven shot a movie, which took up the bulk of the episode.

That last point was my biggest issue this week. Why would actual superheroes be starring in a movie about themselves? Even if they were all brought up in the Vought ecosystem and taught how to act – even though we know they all weren’t, because Starlight and Stormfront recently joined the team – you would have to imagine they wouldn’t be good actors. It’s like putting real doctors on Grey’s Anatomy, or real lawyers on Law & Order; it’s just odd. I think they missed an opportunity to ‘cast’ The Seven – they could have had lookalike actors talk about each superhero and their motivations…

While there were a few interesting story beats – Butcher’s dog, his brother, and Stormfront’s mysterious connection to Sage Grove Center (and Shawn Ashmore’s Lamplighter) – it definitely felt like a filler episode. Hopefully we’ll quickly (and finally) learn what Stormfront’s agenda really is, and what happened with Lamplighter, and his connection with Frenchie, before the end of the season! M

Collateral Damage

Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 6 Eviction

The house was disrupted by a secret power, and Ian is on the chopping block; former winner vs. great player: who will go?

After Ian is chosen as a replacement nominee, Da’Vonne talks to Dani and tells her she’ll do everything she can to keep Ian in the game.

Dani apologizes to Ian, though she doesn’t mean it; we learn there’s yet another alliance named The Four Prime: Dani, Cody, Nicole and Ian. Even so, Dani doesn’t seem to be very interested in keeping Ian.

Dani talks to Tyler and says he ‘definitely doesn’t want to’ come after him, and he seemingly believes her? He thinks they’re pretending to be enemies to fool everyone, but Dani isn’t playing. In the DR, Tyler says he has to keep her in his sights – so he’s not playing either!

Ian talks to Memphis to get him to keep him in the house, but Memphis tells him he’s just as dangerous as Tyler, if not more, because he actually won the game. Ian tells Nicole about the conversation with Memphis and she tells Ian she’ll campaign for him to stay. She wants Ian to stay but going against Tyler would be going against her alliance. #Tricky!

Day and Kevin compare notes and think it’s weird Tyler isn’t campaigning for himself; they think he knows he has the votes to stay.

Dani tells Nicole they can’t go against The Committee; if they campaign against Tyler they’ll put targets on their backs. Nicole talks to Memphis and Cody about keeping Ian but they’re not even entertaining it.

At the eviction, Da’Vonne, Kevin and David vote to evict Tyler, but the rest of the houseguests vote to evict Ian – even Nicole (!) – and he becomes the first member of the BB22 jury.

It’s crazy how Ian went from unassuming floater to ultimate pawn to evicted in one week! This is the kind of gameplay needed for this season, but Ian just ended up as collateral damage between Dani and her multiple alliances.

In this goodbye interview, Ian has nothing but nice things to say about his housemates and applauds them for playing so well – a class act, for sure.

Cody and Memphis grab their hydrant shaped puzzle pieces

Dani chooses not to use the Replay power, so she does not compete in the HOH competition. Said competition, “Hydrant Hustle”, sees the houseguests putting together a big puzzle in the shape of a fire hydrant.

The shows ends mid-comp so we’ll see who has the power on Sunday; let’s see if someone other than anyone in The Committee can pull out a win! M

A House Disrupted

Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 6 POV

So before the show even starts, BB Announcer Dude lets us know David is going to use his power and Dani will have to nominate someone else. Obvious, but #spoilers?!

During the actual show, David whips up some fake tears, and talks to Da’Vonne; he doesn’t let Day know he’s going to switch up the noms. Enzo and Cody discuss Dani wanting to back door Tyler but they say this absolutely can’t happen.

Cody, Dani and Christmas discuss the BB Basement powers, and why they haven’t been used… later, the houseguests are called to the kitchen and told the Disruptor power has been unleashed! David is taken off the block, and Dani nominates Tyler in his place. She calls Tyler up to the HOH room and tells him she doesn’t want him gone (pause for laughter). In the DR Tyler says they just made a deal, and he thought they were past their issues. You can understand his confusion.

David goes around asking everyone if they used the power on him; all of houseguests see right through him. Truly one of the funniest moments this season, and proof of why David hasn’t earned All Star status.

Dani talks to Christmas and says if she needs to put up a replacement nominee, Christmas or Memphis have the votes to stay. In the DR, Christmas asks why Dani is replacing one alliance member on the block for another? Dani has seemingly gone off the rails!

At the Veto pick, Dani chooses Da’Vonne, Tyler chooses Ian, and Kevin chooses Enzo. Day tells Dani she’ll keep noms the same to re-establish their trust.

Nicole hosts the Veto, and with a truly low-res CGI effect, the houseguests who are playing are shot with some sort of ray, or something, and ‘disappear’ from the living room..

Yes, this is a typical type of BB competition

The competition has the houseguests stacking 15 tiny cans of beer into a pyramid, with comically large tweezers. They fall, rebuild, and fall again, as you might expect.

After everyone meticulously stacks their tiny, tiny beer cans, Da’Vonne manages to stack her cans and wins (a very tiny, but very real) Veto – her first comp win! In the DR, Day says she doesn’t know what she’s going to do; she told Dani she wouldn’t use the veto, because she didn’t expect to win. Expect the unexpected, Day!

Kevin talks to Day, and wants her to take him off the block. Day tells Kevin she can’t really do that, because then she and Kevin will go up next week. Logical! But Day goes to talk to Dani, and says she wants to keep Kevin on her side, so she actually might use the veto.

Dani doesn’t know what to do if Kevin comes down; her only replacement options are Enzo and Ian. Cody tells Dani she needs to convince Day just to not use the veto, and Nicole tells her she doesn’t want Ian to go up… Later, Dani and Day speak, and Dani says she’s a much better ally than Kevin (100% true, for the record). In the DR Day says it’s her veto and Dani can’t dictate what she’ll do with it.

At the veto meeting, Day uses the veto on Kevin, and Dani replaces him with Ian – who she calls “the ultimate pawn.”

So David’s power really DID shake up and disrupt the house this week! Ian is a BB winner, and Tyler is a huge threat, so there’s a case for evicting either of them. Personally I think it’s smarter to take Tyler out now, but these houseguests haven’t made the best decisions this season, so we’ll see!! M

Let Sleeping Chefs Lie

Still full of couples

Below Deck Mediterranean | Bravo | Season 5 Episode 16: Cool as a Cucumber

This week on Below Deck Med: couples doing things! Just a guess, but let’s see what the crew of The Wellington actually got down to this week.

In the club, the yachties party some more, and they go back to the boat. Bugsy takes a tumble, but they all get back in one piece. Jess tries to talk to Rob, but he doesn’t want to engage and goes for a walk. He ignores everyone when he gets back, which really makes Jess angry and sad. Sadgry? In the morning Rob continues not wanting to talk and tells Jess he needs some space. Good luck with that? They argue, and seemingly wake everyone up.

Later, Jess breaks down to Bugsy and tells her that Rob wants to ‘hit eject’ on everything. Bugsy tries to play mediator and makes them sit together to talk. They do, and make up, again! Seeing a pattern here?

Aesha tells Malia she’s been feeling very homesick, which is why she was crying at the club. Later, she calls her brother and cries that she doesn’t want to be there. I can’t imagine being so far away from my family for so many months at a time.

Later, as the ship is docking in Mallorca, the boat suddenly loses power and alarms blare. Sandy says she can’t control the boat and they may hit or run over something. She says to drop the anchor as an engineer says he’s ‘sorting it out.’ He reboots the yacht, somehow, and the boat comes back to life. From the preview last week, this looked like a complete disaster; on the episode it lasted less than 5 minutes. I’m sure it was a bit scary, but you could tell they were really trying to ratchet up the drama…

The crew hops to their daily tasks, and provisions arrive. Tom is missing 1 kg of mussels and Malia and Bugsy investigate. They get it sorted, and the extra kilo of mussels shows up, but Tom is quite angry. The guests arrive, and the charter gets underway.

Aesha continues not gelling with the crew as she tells Jess her hair looks like – cat hair? I didn’t get it, and neither did Jess. She does bond with the guests, though, showing them her tattoo: her siblings’ first initials on her foot.

As they’re getting ready to go ashore for Frisbee, Bugsy bravely makes a bet with the guests involving Speedos for the team that loses… Rob, Jess, Pete (remember him?) and Aesha go play with the guests. The guests handily beat the crew 4 to 1, so Speedos for dinner?

Tom goes on break with Malia; while they’re in their cabin, a guest comes looking for cucumbers and Sandy bumps into them… Bugsy is on a break and Jess and Aesha are getting thrown around by the guests, who are showing them jujitsu – perfectly normal, right? Sandy goes to get Tom, and meets Aesha in the galley, explaining cucumber-gate. Tom gets snippy with Aesha because he’s angry he ‘can’t take a 15-minute break’ and he doesn’t know why Aesha can’t cut up a cucumber… When the guests ask Aesha for some avocado, she tries to get it; Tom then gets even more snippy and they end up getting into an argument, making poor Aesha cry…

Captain’s Log

This episode was a whole lot of filler. Among the tidbits:

  • The aforementioned power failure was a #nonevent.
  • Tom and Malia discuss the Rob and Jess situation and how they were banging “like jack rabbits” 3 weeks into their relationship. #Classy
  • Malia spends time making grilled cheese in the galley with Tom.
  • Alex and Bugsy continue to flirt.
  • The chefs are usually ornery folks on Below Deck, but Tom really seems to take it to new level. I get it could be editing, but he seems to fly off the handle at the slightest issue. He’s clearly not equipped to do this job in this state (taking over mid-season) and I have a feeling he won’t be doing any more charters any time soon…

    Next week, the drama continues: Sandy blows up at Malia, and the crew wears Speedos. Can’t wait! M

The Reluctant HOH

Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 6 HOH + Nominations

It’s week 6 and BB is airing its first Tuesday night show of the season (due to the Academy of Country Music Awards airing Wednesday). Will the house be shaken up this week? It hasn’t so far, but we’ll see…

HOH and Nominations

Who had the fortitude to stay on the The Wall in the HOH comp? Before we get to that…

Christmas and Da’Vonne spoke before Bayleigh’s eviction, and made amends from the messy argument that happened last week. They assure each other they’re safe if each becomes HOH, but in the DR Day says she’ll go after Christmas if she gets the chance.

Back to the comp: Dani says she doesn’t want to win, and the only person she doesn’t want to win is Tyler. Day drops, purposely, to make it seem like she’s not good at comps. In the DR she gives an Emmy worthy performance, crying that she didn’t win – then letting us know it’s an act. Da’Vonne is easily the most entertaining houseguest this season!

After Day, David drops, then Ian. Memphis, Enzo and Kevin follow. Tyler drops a bit later, leaving Cody, Nicole and Dani to battle it out. In the DR: Cody says he wants either Nicole or Dani to get some blood on their hands; Nicole says she doesn’t want to win. Again, on purpose, Nicole falls, then Cody – leaving Dani as the new head of household; Tyler is rightfully concerned!

Dani tells Day she can relax; it seems like she and the house will be gunning for Tyler. Dani says she’s close to everyone in the house, so nominations will be tough; David tells Day he’s worried because he and Dani aren’t close – however, he has the Disruptor power, which he hasn’t told anyone about. Kevin says he’s not close to Dani either, so he’s also worried.

Day tells Dani she’d put up Christmas, but Cody tells her to put up David and Kevin. They discuss back-dooring Tyler; Cody doesn’t want Tyler out because he says Tyler is a bigger threat, and without Tyler the target is squarely on him – and he’s probably not wrong about that. Later, Tyler talks to Dani and tells her he wouldn’t be bitter about Dani coming after him…

Kevin talks to Enzo, Dani and David about representation, and that he feels optimistic about where things are going with regards to people being able to just be themselves. Another important conversation, especially in the BB universe, because there have been major issues with the show and past contestants not being inclusive.

With so many alliances, Dani is conflicted about actually going after Tyler. She tells Kevin she needs him to be a pawn for her, and gives him a heads up that he’s most likely going on the block. Afterwards, she makes a deal with Tyler not go after each other until final 4 (!). Well, Tyler suggests that – will Dani play along? At this point she’s not even sure, but likes the option of keeping or evicting Tyler.

At the nomination ceremony, Dani puts up Kevin and David, following the wishes of her various alliances. She tells the nominees they just don’t really talk game and she’s genuinely sorry.

With David’s Disruptor power, there is a possibility for things to be shaken up this week. I hope he uses it, so Dani is forced to nominate someone else (most likely Tyler?) and ACTUALLY MAKE A MOVE!! But we shall see… M

Give Them Liberty

The Boys | Amazon Prime Video | Season 2 Episode 4: Nothing Like it in the World

After failing to deliver Kenji to the CIA, a new lead sets The Boys in a few different directions. [It’s a recap, so spoilers follow].

Butcher and Becca

Butcher goes to the building that Stormfront demolished and meets with Mallory in front of a memorial wall. She gives him an envelope with a magazine clipping of Liberty, a Supe from the 70’s, and tells Butcher to have MM talk to her; an address in North Carolina is on the back. She also gives Butcher a possible address for Becca, even though he couldn’t deliver Kenji. Butcher is going after Becca alone, and he tells MM to find Liberty.

Reunited (finally)

At her house, Becca looks out a window and notices her car door is open; she goes out and finds Butcher in the back seat. She takes the car and they drive off to a bridge in the woods. Becca is happy to see him; he calls her his girl and she says ‘always’. She tells him about the one-time deal she made with Homelander: she says if Homelander killed Butcher, she’d kill herself in front of Ryan and her last words would be ‘your father did this to me’. Butcher says he’ll get her out of there; they kiss, and she goes back home.

After checking in on Ryan, Becca comes back to where she dropped off Butcher and they sleep together in her car; later she tells him they’ve been there since she gave birth. She says the arrangement is ‘ok’ and all that matters is that Ryan is happy; she says Butcher will love Ryan, but he doesn’t seem interested in the kid. He apologizes to her for ‘not being there’ and says he’s going to make it up to her.

The next day, Becca meets Butcher but tells him she’s not leaving. She says Butcher doesn’t want Ryan with them, and if the three of them leave, Butcher will find a way to get rid of Ryan. Butcher says Vought won’t just let Ryan go, but they could run away together. She says she has a son, but Butcher calls him a ‘Supe freak.’ Becca tells Butcher that when Homelander raped her, she didn’t go to Butcher because she knew all he would do is seek revenge. Butcher says he’s not leaving with her, but she hits an alarm and drives off…

Homelander and The Seven

Homelander watches Stormfront on the news; she is criticizing Vought and encouraging people to protest the company to stop more terrorist incidents from happening. Homelander flies to a secluded cabin where Madelyn Stillwell (!) greets him in some lingerie with a glass of milk (what is it with this dude and milk?!) Later, they watch Taxi Driver, and Homelander complains about Stormfront and the rest of The Seven. He says she “would have” got them back in line, and Madelyn says he doesn’t need her; he should get rid of “the weeds.” Suddenly Madelyn is in pain, and we learn it’s not really Madelyn (#obviously), but Doppleganger (Dan Darin-Zanco), who changes back to his normal form. Homelander gets angry and orders him to change back, and he does.

At Vought, Homelander gets into an elevator with Starlight and hits the emergency stop. He says Maeve begged him to save Starlight’s life; he gave her a second chance, and she failed him. He chokes her, pushes her up against the wall and says she disobeyed him for not killing Hughie. She says Hughie broke her heart and she hates him, but she’s not a murderer… convinced she’s not lying, he lets her go.

Black Noir visits analyst Anika with a note that says BUTCHER, and she searches for him; later, Anika finds Butcher on a security camera as Black Noir looks on.

A-Train sees Shockwave (Mishka Th├ębaud) in the halls at Vought and angrily goes to talk to Ashley. As they speak, Homelander comes in and tells A-Train he’s out of The Seven. Homelander says he knows that A-Train can’t run anymore, so he’s out.

Homelander has eyes for Stormfront

Homelander and Queen Maeve go on a talk show with Maria Menounos, and Homelander says they had no idea about Compound V. They discuss superhero dynamics, and Homelander announces that Maeve is a lesbian, with a Hispanic girlfriend. Maeve confronts him, and he tells her he knows all about Elena. She admits they are together and she loves her; he tells her he’s happy for them, but Maeve looks worried. Outside, Stormfront continues to criticize Vought at a rally. Kimiko moves through the crowd and approaches Stormfront, but Frenchie stops her from attacking Stormfront.

Homelander gets angry as he looks at memes of Stormfront, and confronts her about undermining him. When his eyes start to glow, she apologizes to calm him down. Stormfront says Homelander has fans; she has soldiers. She tells him he is the best of them, but he needs help connecting with his audience; he says he doesn’t need help.

Homelander goes back to the cabin, where ‘Madelyn’ is waiting. She does her usual routine, but he’s not interested. He tells her he doesn’t need anyone but himself, and Doppleganger changes into a copy of Homelander. He tells Homelander everyone loves him, but Homelander says he doesn’t need everyone’s love and he doesn’t need him; he snaps Doppleganger’s neck.

Hughie, Starlight and Mother’s Milk

Road trippin’

Starlight meets Hughie in Central Park, and she says she got his voicemail, but Hughie doesn’t want to discuss it; Starlight thinks things are worse off now that Compound V is common knowledge. Hughie gets a call about going to North Carolina, and he goes to leave, but Starlight breaks down and says she ‘can’t do this anymore.’ Hughie asks MM if Starlight can join them; he reluctantly agrees.

At a diner, Starlight tells MM how her dad used to sneak her to Dunkin Donuts for sugary treats, and he would just listen to her, unlike her mom. MM tells her about how his dad used to go to Baskin Robbins and sample every flavor; they toast to ‘fathers and sugar’. Afterwards, MM gives her wet wipes in the parking lot as a truck hits a car behind them. Starlight goes to help, but Hughie and MM say she can’t.

Hughie, MM and Starlight get 2 rooms at a motel. Starlight asks Hughie about MM’s OCD (the wet wipes, how he stirs coffee and taps the steering wheel 3 times, as examples), but Hughie hasn’t noticed. After discussing Starlight’s questionable candy bar tendencies, she tells Hughie she only sleeps 4 hours a night and is in constant terror of Homelander. After saying she doesn’t feel terrified with him, they sleep together.

Valerie tells her story

The group arrives at the address Mallory gave them, and a woman named Valerie Hunter (Dawnn Lewis) answers the door, but thinks they’re from Vought; they say they just want to know about Liberty. MM tells them he has a vendetta against Vought because his dad was a lawyer who fought them and ended up dying at 55; he says he wants to make Vought pay for what they did to his dad. Inside, Valerie tells the group that when she was little, while her brother Myron was driving and she slept in the back seat, Liberty stopped the car and took him out. Liberty accused him of being involved in a robbery and killed him; Vought offered them a $2,000 settlement and they took it. She says they can’t let anyone know she talked to them because Liberty would kill her; Hughie says she disappeared and no one has seen her since 1979. But Valerie gets a newspaper article with a picture and says “that’s Liberty.” The group looks at the photo of Stormfront on the front page.

The trio discusses the situation and Hughie asks how Liberty and Stormfront could be the same person; she would be around 70 years old. Starlight says they don’t know what Compound V can do and maybe she doesn’t age normally… Back in the city, Starlight thanks Hughie for letting her tag along, and she tells him they can’t be together again. She says they’re all alone, kisses him and says goodbye.


After doing some drugs, Frenchie tries to kiss Kimiko, but she pushes him away. Later, Frenchie goes to see Cherie (Jordana Lajoie) and tells her about Kimiko; they sleep together, and afterwards Cherie says he’s trying to make amends for the people he’s hurt, but he should just let her grieve.

In Ohio, The Deep and Carol are interviewing women about love and relationships. The Deep chooses one woman – Gianna – but Carol tells him a woman named Cassandra is ‘his wife.’ They are trying to rehabilitate his image to get him back in The Seven, with the Church of the Collective’s help.

So Butcher and Becca can’t see eye to eye, Frenchie and Kimiko can’t connect, and Homelander can’t escape his serious issues. With A-Train being pushed out of The Seven, The Deep trying to get back in, and the shocking reveal that racist 70’s Supe Liberty is now Stormfront, things seem to be shaping up for an eventful second half of the season! M

Tempers, Tension, and Tyler

Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 5

It’s day 30 and Christmas (jingle jingle) is HOH this week! Will we finally get some excitement in the BB house? There’s a new twist with new powers; we’ll see if the old players will take advantage of them…


In the DR Christmas says she wants to make some moves this week and show her alliance what she’s made of. Da’Vonne says if she would have won she had the ammunition needed to put Nicole and Dani on the block; Cody says he has to do a lot of damage control due to Kaysar’s speech. In the DR Enzo says Christmas went up on the block for him, but hopes she doesn’t expect that from him in return. Tyler, Bayleigh and Da’Vonne talk about the HOH competition, and say the members of The Slick Six kept choosing people in the alliance to go head to head with each other. Da’Vonne basically says she’s confused about what they’re trying to do. Cody tries to explain to Da’Vonne what he was doing in that comp, and he says he screwed up. Da’Vonne says ‘now it’s war’ and she’s ready…

Christmas and Dani celebrate and talk about Da’Vonne and Bayleigh as potential nominees because Christmas is in an alliance (or friendly) with everyone else. Da’Vonne says she hasn’t really talked to Christmas, but tells her she’s not coming for her, either way; she says she’ll vote however Christmas wants. Enzo says he’s going to use Christmas as hit ‘pitbull’ to go after whoever he wants. Enzo says Da’Vonne, Nicole, and Bayleigh are emotional players who need to go.

Christmas calls the houseguests together and describes the BB Basement twist. Three brand new powers will be awarded, but no one will know who wins them. The basement is completely dark, and the houseguests must find foam shapes and put them in their podiums. There are decoy shapes and all the houseguests are in the room at the same time, so it’s pretty chaotic. There’s goo, packing peanuts, hanging weight bags, and boxes everywhere and the houseguests continually fall (and even lose clothes). David finds the first power – the Disruptor – with a lightning bolt foam piece. Dani finds the second power – Replay – with a replay icon foam piece. Christmas finds the third power – Blocker – with a hand foam piece.

Christmas tells Tyler (with whom she has a final 2 deal!) that she got one of the powers. She learns the Blocker will prevent herself or another houseguest from being a replacement nominee at the veto meeting. She must declare she’s using the Blocker after the veto has been used but before the HOH names the next replacement. It can be used at the next 3 veto meetings.

Dani tells Nicole she got a power and learns the Replay power allows the HOH to play in back to back HOH competitions; she can use it for herself or for someone else for the next 2 HOH comps.

David learns the Disruptor power can save a nominee and force the HOH to name a new one; this can be used following the next 3 nomination ceremonies. He can use it on himself or anyone else.

Bayleigh tells Dani someone (Tyler!) told her Dani was coming after Bay and Day. Enzo confirms this and Dani gets angry. Dani goes to Christmas to vent, and in the DR Christmas says she can’t really put Bayleigh up because it will look like she’s on Dani’s side. Tyler says telling Bay and Day about Dani is coming back to bite him now.

At the nomination ceremony, Christmas nominates Bayleigh and Da’Vonne; she says she nominated Da’Vonne because she is Bayleigh’s ‘untouchable’. In the DR, a teary Christmas says she had to make this game move because there was no other option. In the DR, David says he could use his power, and Day says she’s determined to win the veto.


All the houseguests are talking after the nominations; Dani tells Da’Vonne she never spoke against her and Bayleigh. Da’Vonne tells Dani it was Tyler who told them about Dani, and Dani comes up with a plan to potentially backdoor Tyler by throwing the veto competition to Da’Vonne… David says he will not use his Disruptor power because he wants to save it for himself.

For the veto, Christmas chooses Nicole, Da’Vonne chooses Dani, and Bayleigh chooses Ian. Ian hasn’t slept (for 2 days?!) and isn’t feeling well, so he goes to see the medic and doesn’t participate.

In the competition, the houseguests have to race to push a button when they see an equation on a big screen that totals 13. This comp has prizes that can be stolen: the veto, $5,000, a slop-unitard, a ‘never-be-a-have-not’ pass, and a punishment involving a treadmill.

Dani doesn’t get a chance to throw the comp, as Da’Vonne is eliminated first – then Bayleigh, Dani, and Nicole; Christmas wins the competition. Nicole gives Da’Vonne $5,000 in exchange for wearing a slop-unitard. Christmas gets a punishment as first place winner, and exchanges it for the Veto from Bayleigh.

Ian tells Nicole he just needs rest and food and will be okay; afterwards, Nicole goes to get her punishment unitard. It’s a box of “Sloppies”

Tyler says he’s not having fun playing this game and that it’s too much pressure; Dani and Cody comment that he’s losing weight. In the DR he says ‘something’s not right,” and that he’s the cause for a lot of the stress in the house. He goes to the have not room and talks with Day and Bay and basically apologizes for being the reason they’re on the block. He says he’s going to ask Christmas to take one of them down so that he can go up.

Tyler talks to Christmas and tells her both Bay and Day deserve to stay there more than he does; she tells him backdooring him isn’t good for her game and that she’ll ‘do what she wants’ with regards to the veto.

Day talks to Christmas and tries to get her to backdoor Tyler, but Christmas doesn’t think she can trade Tyler for Bayleigh. Da’Vonne says Bayleigh wants to go after Tyler, and Christmas later relays this to Tyler to sway him to staying in the house. Because of this, Tyler starts to have second thoughts about his decision to help Bay and Day.

At the veto ceremony, Christmas does the predictable thing and doesn’t use the veto. Bayleigh (oddly) asks if they can share who Christmas’ ‘untouchable’ was, and Christmas says no. #Weird. In the DR, Bay calls Christmas and Tyler snakes, Christmas says she’s not going to do Tyler’s dirty work, Tyler says he has to refocus, and Day is sad to be sitting up there with Bay.


After the veto, Da’Vonne is incredulous, and Bayleigh thinks Tyler was lying to them about wanting to go up on the block. Bayleigh gets upset because she thinks it’s her fault that Day is on the block (which it kinda is).

Christmas and Day talk (again) and Christmas says she has nothing against Tyler, so she wouldn’t nominate him; she tells Day that Bay is the target. Tyler tells Day he’s going to make sure she stays and they (seemingly) are good with each other.

Cody is called to the DR; he finds a letter and immediately begins to cry. He learns his grandfather has passed away, on Labor Day, from cancer. The houseguests all support him.

Christmas talks to Dani about how Bayleigh is upset about being on the block, and Day overhears. She tells Christmas that Bayleigh feels betrayed by Christmas; they end up getting into a fight about gameplay and Day walks away. Day goes to the backyard and says she can’t react to Christmas because she’ll look crazy… Bay walks in on the end of the fight, and talks to Christmas about the situation; this ends up in a fight, and the ladies can’t communicate so Christmas storms off, clapping loudly, for some reason (?) and goes into the HOH room.

In the DR Day says she gave the houseguests what they wanted – she blew up, and now she’s going home. Christmas comes back downstairs and the three ladies start arguing again. Day says Christmas wanted to provoke her, and now she’s provoked.

So to sum up (I think?): Bay told Christmas that Tyler said Christmas’ alliance was coming after Bay and Day; Christmas told Tyler this, and Tyler felt guilty. Tyler told Bay and Day he’d offer himself up for eviction, and he did. Christmas didn’t take him up on his offer, and Bay took this personally. When Day tried to explain this to Christmas, all hell broke loose. Christmas thinks Bayleigh is mad because she wants Christmas to go after Tyler (for Bayleigh) and ‘do her dirty work.’ #Tired.

Day and Bay #BFFs

At the eviction ceremony, the vote is unanimous to evict Bayleigh. In her eviction interview, Julie tells Bay about the alliances, and that Tyler was Christmas’ ‘untouchable.’ Bay says she and Tyler spoke, and all the drama between them will be left in the house, and they (seemingly) are good with each other. Bye, Bay!

The HOH competition is The Wall endurance comp, and Julie lets them know the first 3 houseguests to fall will be have-nots for the week. Also, that there will be no battle-back, so they’ve (theoretically) made it to the jury!

Who will seize power and be the next HOH? Da’Vonne, if there’s any justice in this game! M

Take a Chill Pill in Ibiza

Below Deck Mediterranean | Bravo | Season 5 Episode 15: Shot Through the Heart, and Ibiza’s to Blame

Picking up immediately where we left off, Jess is sitting on the swim platform and Malia is tending to her. Malia radios Captain Sandy, who says to tell Jess to come see her. She goes back to her cabin to change; Rob says Jess is just anxious from the conversation they had. Jess goes to see Sandy and Sandy takes her blood pressure; it’s slightly elevated but Sandy said she had palpitations and it led to heart attack, so she wants to be extra cautious. Jess seems better, so she gets back to work. In an interview she says her relationship with Rob is taking a physical toll on her.

When the guests get back to the boat, Johnny Damon tries to hit some baseballs off the swim platform but is quite drunk. For dinner they are having a Great Gatsby party, and the guests, deck crew and stews are all in costume. Still a little drunk, Johnny sends back his steak to make it a little more well done. Ultimately though, everyone loves the dinner. We’ve had enough chef drama, Below Deck. Enough with the idea that the guests don’t like the food, please and thank you.

In the morning, Alex is looking for Rob, who is still sleeping. Jess runs to get him and he jumps out of bed to relieve Alex. Malia gets up and walks around the boat, complaining that it looks terrible, and seemingly starts doing things Rob should have done. She tells him she doesn’t want to see him and Jess kissing on deck; clearly he’s doing that instead of working.

Bugsy compliments Jess on her tablescape and the laundry; she says Jess has ‘done really, really well.’ Sandy calls Jess to the bridge and thanks her for being on top of things. Rob teases her and asks if she’s gotten her first compliment, which was genuinely funny. Jess again says how Bugsy’s structure is helping her. #Obviously.

Rob says his relationship with Jess is making him screw up. When they dock, he throws a line but drops it in the water several times. They finally get through it, and Rob overhears Malia complaining to Busgy about him; he says he’s entitled to make mistakes and she’s being a bit rude. Malia then tells Alex he needs to be wherever it’s critical because she can’t deal anymore.

The Damons leave the boat, and Malia has a chat with Rob about his mistakes. In an interview, he says he knows he’s screwing up; he tells Malia he understands. Sandy says the crew is getting better with Aesha and Tom, and the crew gets an $18,000 tip.

Aesha and Jess discuss boatmances; Aesha tells her about Jack and Jess tells her she and Rob have already said they love each other. Later, Aesha, Rob, Jess and Alex are talking, and while Rob is talking to Aesha, Jess is talking to Alex and somehow (?) this leads to a fight between Rob and Jess. Rob says he didn’t want to interrupt Jess and Alex’s conversation, and Jess says she didn’t want to interrupt Rob and Aesha.

Afterward, Jess goes to talk to Rob and he’s a little cold to her. She goes to talk to him again and she gets mad that he was ‘ignoring’ her; he says he was just having a light conversation with Aesha. They both say they don’t want to argue and Jess walks away. Later, in an interview Rob says Jess was just jealous; she apologizes and they make up.

Aesha gets a call from her brother and says this crew is bit harder to gel with than the crew last year. And it’s true! We see a flashback to last year, and Aesha had Jack, Colin and Anastasia to hang out with. This year, she’s on the Love Boat, with all couples: Bugsy and Alex, who are just starting up, Malia and Tom, who can’t keep their hands off each other, and Rob and Jess, who are kissing one second, fighting the next.

The crew goes out to dinner in Ibiza, and it’s all couples + Aesha (and Pete – who is there but heavily edited out, as promised). Jess realizes she may have seen Rob the year before; this somehow leads to another fight, because Rob basically doesn’t care. He says ‘they’re there now’, so what does it matter, and Jess doesn’t appreciate that. The crew heads out to the club, and Rob tells Tom he can’t do anything right where Jess is concerned. Rob shows Aesha how to make a can of Red Bull suction to her palm (is that a common thing people do?), and Jess gets angry; in an interview she says she doesn’t want to watch Rob flirt with “Ayeesha”. Later, Jess tells Rob she thinks he’s already done with her; he says she’s projecting, but the episode ends with Jess telling Rob she’s ‘done.’

Stray Thoughts Ahoy

  • At the closing party, Michelle Damon straddles Aesha and makes her drink; she says ‘Don’t tell Captain Sandy!’ The guests are super drunk and having a great time in Ibiza.

  • Aesha calls Bugsy a s*** stain, and explains how it’s a term of endearment. Mmmkay. Did she call people that last season? Don’t think so?

  • Johnny apparently pees off the side of the boat; there was definite pixelization…

  • Tom prepares breakfast and Bugsy finally knows how to say ‘huevos rancheros’!

  • Alex and Bugsy (finally) kiss. Here’s hoping no one gets diabetes from all the sweet, sweet love happening on The Wellington. M

Let’s Hear it for The Boys

The Boys

The Boys | Amazon Prime Video | Season 2 Episodes 1 -3

The Boys are back! After that bombshell was dropped in the first season finale, the first three episodes of season 2 ratchet up the blood, gore, twists, turns, and fatalities as Hughie (Jack Quaid) and the gang continue their mission to take down the Supes. [Spoilers for all of The Boys follow].

The Supes

Daddy dearest

The season starts with a funeral for Translucent (Alex Hassell), and Homelander (Antony Starr) continues pushing his agenda on the world. He wants all opposing Supes to be called super villains – not super ‘terrorists’ – but above all he wants his son Ryan (Cameron Crovetti) to start using the powers Homelander is convinced he has. Much to the annoyance (and terror) of Ryan’s mom Becca (Shantel VanSanten), Homelander harasses his son – even pushing him off a roof – to get him to try to exhibit some sort of super power. Ryan does seemingly have powers, as he’s able to push Homelander away from Becca, as his eyes glow red. As a psychotic version of Superman, Homelander is scary, but as a father he takes this to a whole new level.

Stormfront admiring HL’s blue eyes

Homelander’s other main concern is the arrival of the brash Stormfront (Aya Cash), who was recruited by Vought exec Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito) to replace Translucent. She arrives on the scene, live-streaming phone in hand, and Homelander is none to happy to not be in the loop about her. Stan tells off Homelander, and the Supe accepts the situation for the time being.

Annie/Starlight (Erin Moriarty) is still trying to take down Vought from the inside, and she blackmails a lab tech named Gecko (David Thompson) to get a sample of Compound V. With Hughie’s support, she manages to expose the fact that superheroes are created, purposefully, with Compound V. Starlight, Maeve (Dominique McElligott) and Stormfront go on a Girl Power press tour, and Stormfront tells Starlight not to take anything from anyone. Along the way, Starlight locks horns with A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) about the sample and her role in letting The Boys escape. He surprises her at the press tour, being released from the hospital; however, he’s not doing well – he has heart palpitations and seemingly can’t run the way he used to.

The Deep gets deep

The Deep (Chase Crawford) is still in Ohio, and still not dealing with his situation; he’s arrested for making a scene at a water park, but bailed out by a Supe named Eagle the Archer (Langston Kerman) and gets recruited into his church, The Church of the Collective – a riff on Scientology? He meets Carol (Jessica Hecht), a member of the church who, for some reason, is trying to get him back into The Seven. After reconciling the fact that he has gills and he’s not a monster, he gets some info from the head of the church, and goes after The Boys…

The Boys

The Boys are laying low with a gang in an underground ‘base’ beneath a jewelry store, but Hughie has been communicating with Starlight in secret; he ultimately professes his love for her. He’s having a hard time with the situation and ends up fighting with Mother’s Milk (Laz Alonso), but powers through as best as possible.

The Boys learn that a Supe terrorist with telekinetic powers has been smuggled into the country and turn to CIA deputy director Susan Rayner (Jennifer Esposito) for help. When she meets a grisly end, Frenchie (Tomer Capon) calls on Billy Butcher (Karl Urban) and Butcher rejoins them. Butcher gets in touch with former colonel Grace Mallory (Laila Robins), who gives them a lead. Later we learns that Butcher made a deal with Mallory to get Becca back in exchange for the terrorist.

A happy reunion…

The Boys track down the terrorist to a costume shop, where it’s revealed the man is Kimiko’s (Karen Fukuhara) brother, Kenji (Abraham Lim). They capture him, and keep him subdued; he tells Frenchie that he and Kimiko’s parents were killed and since that day she stopped speaking. They were alone in a camp together and came up with a type of sign language in order to communicate. Frenchie asks Kenji to teach him how to communicate with Kimiko, but he refuses.

…and a not so happy reunion

Butcher steals a boat as they take Kenji in to the CIA; as they are on the sea they are attacked by whales, led by The Deep. They ram a speedboat into Lucy the Whale, and shortly after The Seven arrive on the scene.

They chase The Boys through a sewer system, and eventually Starlight finds Hughie as Homelander comes upon them; he tells her to kill Hughie or he’ll kill them both. Butcher calls out Homelander and Kenji uses his powers to break the ground beneath Homelander and the roof of the tunnel, dropping a bus on Homelander. Kenji escapes and Kimiko goes after him; as they run Stormfront finds them. She chases the siblings through a building and ends up destroying it; on the roof, she shoots Kimiko with lightning and snaps Kenji’s hands. In front of Kimiko, Stormfront kills Kenji, but Kimiko manages to escape. Homelander arrives and is angry Stormfront didn’t save him for Homelander, as instructed; she replies with a ‘you snooze you lose, gramps,’ and leaves.

At a press conference near the building that was destroyed, Stan Edgar says Vought had no idea about Compound V, and places blame on a group of scientists led by the late Madelyn Stillwell (Elisabeth Shue). He thanks Stormfront for stopping the super terrorist, and as she takes the credit, both Homelander and Kimiko – watching on TV – stare at her with savage hate.

Wrap Up

Three episodes in, and The Boys continues to be ultra violent while building upon the themes of season 1. The addition of the Ryan sub-plot adds a new scary dimension for the already horrific Homelander, and he also gets new foils in the forms of Stan Edgar and the equally scary Stormfront. These characters add a fresh energy to show; Aya Cash as Stormfront, in particular, dominates every scene in which she appears.

On the flip side are A-Train and Maeve, who so far aren’t really adding anything to the show… Maeve’s storyline with ex-girlfriend Elena is only loosely tied to the main story and probably could have been left out. A-Train suffering after his bout of drug abuse could really only lead to him either dying or recovering; his threatening Starlight doesn’t make him any more likable, and with an already large cast, it’s likely he won’t survive the season.

Since it was announced that Aaron Ashmore is joining the show as Supe Lamplighter, it’s probably only a matter of time before one of The Seven meets a super violent end; due to Amazon’s baffling decision to release episodes weekly from now on, though, only time will tell! M

Expect the Expected

Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 4

It’s another week of Big Brother! In the first Janelle-less week, Kaysar is public enemy number 1, Kevin is the number 1 pawn, and for an All Stars season, this has been a complete snooze.

HOH and Nominations

In the first round of the HOH comp, Kaysar sinks his 3 balls and is the first to advance. Enzo eventually follows, then David (!), eliminating Nicole, Da’Vonne and Ian.

The Meow Meow in action

In round 2, Dani is the first to advance, followed by Kevin (!) and Cody, eliminating Memphis, Christmas and Bayleigh. Christmas came close a bunch of times, but couldn’t pull it off.

In the final round, Cody, Dani, David, Kevin, Enzo and Kaysar face off. Kaysar sinks 2 balls pretty quickly, much to everyone’s horror. It seems Kaysar is poised to win… until Enzo sinks his third ball and takes it! In the DR he says “I’m here to cause chaos and win this thing.” So his noms should be interesting?

Dani tells Cody that Bayleigh must have voted against the house; we learn Dani asked Cody to throw votes to Kaysar to shake things up. When she tells him it was Bayleigh, he’s not convinced. Everyone discusses the hinky votes and Dani continues trying to convince everyone it was Bayleigh who voted to keep Janelle. Cody and Enzo compare notes and think Dani voted against the house.

Kaysar and Da’Vonne discuss race, and how their journeys are similar. It’s nice to see Big Brother airing these conversations, in light of what’s going on in America; maybe it will expose people to some new ideas and do some good. This deep stuff is followed by the have-not transfer! Tyler, Da’Vonne and Dani are chosen as have-nots for the week. Do we care about have-nots anymore? I feel like BB doesn’t devote any time to them, or Slop TM, or the have-not room…

Apparently Dani and Nicole are super close; who knew?! I feel like Nicole hasn’t been around much, but good to know these two ladies at least have each other, I guess?

Enzo says he’s probably going to nominate Kaysar and a pawn. Kaysar comes to talk to Enzo, but afterwards (to no one but the camera) Enzo says he can’t trust Kaysar because Kaysar hasn’t spoken to him at all about the game.

Christmas gets plushy babies 10 – 12 and this punishment has officially become severely annoying run its course. She and Enzo team up, officially; they discuss the others: Ian as a big threat, Kevin as a floater, David as a big old question mark, and Dani and Nicole as buddies.

At the nomination ceremony, Enzo nominates Kaysar and Kevin, who perpetually looks like he’s on the verge of a mental breakdown. In the DR, Kevin asks why he’s “continually being nominated” and whines a bit (note: you weren’t nominated last week, dude); in the DR, Enzo says Kevin is just a pawn.


After the nomination ceremony, Kevin continues to whine in the DR but goes to talk to Enzo. Enzo tells him he’s just a pawn, and he’s sorry… (For what?! This is Big Brother. All Stars!)

Kaysar talks to Enzo (again), and Enzo says he’s not trying to ruffle feathers in nominating Kaysar. Kaysar says he may potentially want to work with Enzo, not knowing about the hundreds of alliances going on. Enzo yeses Kaysar to death, but in the DR says he’s still the target.

Ian tells Enzo if he plays and wins the veto, he’ll ask Enzo what he wants to happen. Clearly, Ian’s buddying up to Enzo as to not be a potential replacement nominee, unaware he’s already on Enzo’s radar. Enzo tells Cody putting Ian up would be a power move; he wants to either evict Kaysar or “a big person” in the house.

Memphis and Kaysar put on a show where they guess the current news headlines. Apparently they’re not even able to have paper and pens in the BB house? Huh. Who knew?

David and Kevin decide as outsiders they could help each other; David would potentially save Kevin if he wins the veto. The players are drawn: Enzo chooses Tyler (4th time in a row he’s been chosen!), Kaysar chooses Bayleigh, and Kevin chooses David with Houseguest Choice. Kaysar talks to Bayleigh, unaware of the hundreds of alliances going on; the conversation doesn’t go well for Kaysar, as expected.

Kevin, Tyler and Bayleigh get ready

Memphis hosts the Puppet Master POV competition, which is an endurance comp! The houseguests have to hold on for dear life as they are hoisted into the air on ropes, like marionettes.

After about 12 minutes, Kaysar is the first to fall, as the houseguests are pelted with colored goo over and over again. Enzo follows, then Tyler. Bayleigh seems solid… until she loses a rope and can’t recover. David and Kevin are holding on, and Kevin makes an impressive recovery after losing a rope. David falls, and Kevin wins the veto. Kevin cries in the DR again.

Kaysar says with Kevin’s win there’s a ray of hope for him, and he talks to Ian, who is now getting anxious about being the replacement. Enzo talks to Nicole and Cody, and Nicole nods and agrees with them about Ian being a threat, but in the DR says she doesn’t want Ian evicted. Cody mentions how it’s weird that no one mentions Nicole [as a threat – because she’s won Big Brother already too!].

To solidify their partnership and throw the house off their scent, Christmas offers to go up as a pawn for Enzo, but Enzo isn’t convinced. Dani tells Tyler, in front of Nicole, they (the Slick Six) need to ‘have a meeting’. Nicole isn’t in the Slick Six, so Tyler is confused… he explains what happened to Enzo, unaware Dani is close with Nicole and the hundreds of alliances going on. Tyler and Enzo discuss the replacement nominee – either Christmas as a pawn, Ian as a threat, or Dani as a back-door.

At the veto ceremony, Kevin takes himself off the block, and Enzo plays it safe and puts Christmas up for eviction.


Kaysar appeals to Memphis, still unaware Memphis is working with half the house. Enzo and Cody discuss Dani, and Enzo says he’s done with her. Cody then tells Enzo about the Slick Six, and in the DR Enzo says doesn’t care; he says “he’s in 3 alliances too.” Everyone seemingly turns on Dani; Enzo, Cody, Tyler, Da’Vonne and Bayleigh all talk about Dani and how she’s playing all sides.

Kevin and Ian discuss the rest of the house, and Ian says Kaysar told him about the big alliance. Ian talks to Bayleigh about who’s running the house; Bay says Dani and Ian says Cody. Later, Ian tells Kevin that Kaysar has nothing to lose and can blow up the house to expose alliances. Ian talks to Kaysar and (correctly) guesses there are many, many alliances. Ian no longer trusts Nicole, and he and Kaysar discuss how everything is being run by Nicole and Cody. Kaysar says he considers blowing things up because it would be fun.

For their eviction speeches, Christmas gives a little poem, while Kaysar does indeed try to blow things up by exposing alliances. He says Cody and Nicole are running the game, Cody is in an alliance with Dani and Nicole, and Tyler, Enzo and David are in another alliance. In a unanimous vote, Kaysar is voted out, as expected.

Julie confirms some of Kaysar’s suspicions about the alliances, and lets him know Memphis was not his buddy; Kaysar is clearly shocked by the info. Kaysar tells Julie that he didn’t come back to play for the money, but he was trying to make a difference by discussing the pain and division going on.

You know, the usual weirdness

For the HOH comp, the houseguests have to face off, looking at pictures of the houseguests run through filters, and answer “More, Exactly or Less.” After a bunch of rounds, Da’Vonne faces Christmas in the final round. Da’Vonne rings in incorrectly and is eliminated, so Christmas goes from being on the block to being the new HOH!

Julie lets us know that the BB basement will be opening, an entire competition will be played in the dark and 3 new powers will be unleashed into the house.

Hopefully these new powers will stir things up a bit and flip things around because watching a huge alliance run things hasn’t made for an exciting season of Big Brother. With Kaysar and Janelle gone, the alliance has to turn on itself at some point – and these guys should be kicking themselves for not making big moves every single week. M