It Was Nice While It Lasted

Mark | Corporate Accountant | 40

Tuesday. Well the week was off to a great start but today that all changed. I have a splitting headache, the humidity is still off the charts, and it’s now 5:45 and the train still isn’t here. The digital sign on the platform says “Stand By”, which could mean the train is around the corner, or in Sri Lanka. Doesn’t bode well that the next train scheduled to arrive on this track says “Delayed.” This is one of the largest rail systems in the country and any time someone calls in sick, there are delays and cancellations all over the place. Doc says I have to learn to let go of things I can’t control, so this is me… letting go. Journaling on the platform on my phone while I stand, sweat, and wait for the 5:35.

At least I’m not suffering alone. There’s Joe, ‘boyscout-like’ as usual, waiting down the platform. An attractive blonde woman who looks to be in her mid forties is waiting just a few feet from me – can’t tell if she has a ring on from this angle… And the woman I’ve dubbed “Lois” – an elderly lady, likely in her seventies, who just kinda looks like a Lois to me. She seems very sweet and is always talking to someone. I envy those people who can be effortlessly social, and Lois is a social butterfly.

And here comes the rain. The geniuses who created this terminal made it with a semi-open roof, so snow gets right in during the winter and rain, well whenever it rains. Hopefully this will break this awful humidity. Twenty or so days to go until fall, when things can hopefully chill out. I’m going to pop another aspirin, hope this headache goes away and try to take a cat nap on the train – if it ever comes.

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