Under Pressure

Below Deck | Bravo | S8 E2: There’s No Crying in Yachting

We’re back with the crew of My Seanna, and Eddie’s just been told about his superstar deckhand Avery leaving the boat. Now Eddie is left with “I don’t want to do anything” James, and “I don’t know how to do anything” Shane – not the best position to be in! Lee makes a call to get a new deckhand and – as long as it’s not Rhiley – hopefully things will improve for the next charter.

Francesca continues to be annoyed as Izzy’s speed; she asks her to pick up the pace, while primary guest Charley complains to Captain Lee about the service. Chef Rachel also has her hands full in the galley because the guest want a full tasting menu (from “different nations”) on day 1 of the charter. #Unreasonable? Lee then describes the deck team: “like three bears trying to f*** a football,” and this is why this man is reality TV treasure, people. Lee calls all the crew into the wheelhouse to let them know about Avery, and also to acknowledge how high-maintenance these guests are.

One of the guests, Shay, makes it abundantly clear she wants to see more of James. She’s going to ask the deck crew to get into Speedos for another guest’s birthday – and that’s not at all creepy, for some reason? If this was a guy asking the women to get into bikinis… #justsaying (something tells me James won’t mind a bit, but that’s beside the point).

Later, Charley complains to Francesca that not all the guests’ luggage was unpacked, and she’s starting to get really annoyed – at the guests, but also at Izzy, because as she rightfully says, she can’t do the job of all 3 stews. Francesca asks Izzy to handle the luggage while she and Elizabeth do dinner service. Izzy complains at the sheer volume of clothes the guests brought, and says she’d much rather be outside; she actually goes to Captain Lee and asks to move to the deck crew and replace her as a stew – he says he’ll take it under consideration, but in an interview says they just need to get through this current charter!

Francesca and Elizabeth set up the “different nation” dinner, and the crew gets dressed up in clothes to represent different nations. Rachel is working overtime in the galley but looks like she has everything under control; she says she got into cooking because of Anthony Bourdain, and has traveled the world studying different cuisines (Captain Sandy’s dream chef?!). In the middle of dinner service, Lee can’t find his black pants and Francesca runs off to try to find them while Elizabeth is making drinks with Shane’s help (?) and Izzy is still unpacking clothes. The guests, predictably, complain – but this is completely on Francesca. She should have told Lee she was in the middle of service and would look for the pants after serving the guests – because the guests have to come first – especially these guests.

Francesca tells Izzy to find the pants and runs up for service. Shane goes with Elizabeth to “present” the drinks to the guests – which is really weird, tbh – and Eddie calls him on the radio and tells him to stay behind the scenes, since he’s just standing there while Elizabeth does her actual job. Charley comments that Francesca “looks exhausted” (you think – with all your complaining?), and she does seem like she’s starting to unravel. Francesca calls Elizabeth down to the cabins to start cleaning while Izzy fumbles with her radio, and then Francesca runs back up to continue dinner – while the guests complain they’re tired.

Charley and his boyfriend go into the galley to “help” Rachel plate dessert – and Rachel says that has never happened in her 14 years of experience. Francesca bumps into them while they’re doing this, and is understandably unhappy. The guests then return the empty plates to the galley, and finally retire. Lee calls Francesca to the wheelhouse to discuss the day, and she gets upset and starts crying; in his interview, Lee says “there’s no crying in yachting,” though after 7 seasons there’s certainly been a lot of crying… I can’t help but wonder how Kate would have handled this situation – probably the same except without the crying?

The next day, Francesca does some yoga and is determined to do better. However the guests’ breakfast orders are completely bonkers and all over the place – they all want very different meals. Rachel gets a little frustrated since 8 guests want 8 omelettes with 8 different toppings – understandably a lot for 1 chef! One guest actually sends back a mean because she didn’t want avocado on toast, but sliced avocado… sigh. As the guests complain yet again, Rachel has a mini panic attack; she composes herself later and says she can do better. I think she’s doing amazingly and these guests would drive anyone insane!

Later, Charley discusses dinner plans with Francesca, and asks if charter guest Lexi can do a body shot off of James; Eddie asks James, and James is happy to oblige. Eddie, James, and Izzy take the guests to a beach picnic, leaving Shane as the lone deckhand on the boat. Shane takes the opportunity to strip down and go for a swim when no one’s (seemingly) watching. But of course Eddie tries to reach him and can’t (because his radio’s on the boat!) so Lee goes to investigate and sees him swimming. In an interview, Lee says “not on [his] boat”… They eventually get him on the radio and chew him out a bit. Shane is already way too laid back and it’s only charter 1!

While they’re on the beach together Izzy takes the opportunity to ask Eddie about transferring to the deck crew, since she has experience. Later, Lee discusses this with Eddie and Eddie says Izzy was helpful on the beach – more than “Sunshine” aka Shane.

The guests come back from the picnic and later dinner service begins – after Charley gives James a selection of Speedos to wear. They seem really happy with the food, for once, until some drama over James begins… one of the guests, Jamie, asks how Lexi ended up on a jet ski with James when Shay was interested in him. How old are these people?! The guests get mad and start arguing while James is changing into his shiny Speedo. The guests continue arguing while the crew stands around waiting; ultimately they stop and the crew brings a cake for Lexi’s birthday, complete with a gyrating James. Shay storms off, and Charley follows saying she embarrassed them; later, Lexi does her body shot off of James. As the guests stand around eating cake in the galley, Eddie wonders if they’ll even get a tip at all – because this charter has most definitely gone off the rails in every possible way! M

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