Coming Clean

Mark | Corporate Accountant | 40

Thursday. I never really thought about lying by writing. I also never thought that I could feel guilty for “lying” to my journal. I wrote yesterday that I was ‘sick as a dog’ and that my view was of my bed. The bed part was true; the sick part, not so much. I’ve had the day to think about why I wrote that I was sick instead of playing hooky from work. It’s not like my boss, Jack, would ever see my journal, right? I guess I should ask Doc tomorrow why I felt I needed to lie. Maybe I felt guilty for staying in bed for a few hours and watching Friends instead of going to work.

I should know by now not to feel guilty – I definitely got paid back for it. There was a stack of reports on my desk that needed to be reviewed, and a bunch of fires that needed to be put out today because tomorrow is the end of the month. #Accounting. Sometimes I think about starting real fires in my trash can.

As I’m waiting for the train Lois is reading a book on the bench behind me, and I don’t see Joe. Maybe he had a troup meeting, or decided to play hooky today. I’m laughing in my head about using the term “playing hooky” twice now. We adults over 40 should have a different term for that – I personally like “mental health day,” but it makes me sound even crazier than I actually am. Though yesterday really was a day to relax and just chill for a while. Whoever invented this five day workweek was a real dop. Full disclosure – I wrote something a lot more harsh, but like lying, I don’t like to curse via the written word; maybe I’ll gradually use dashes. Is it just me, or am I getting good at this journaling s***? Well, that was fast.

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