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Friday. Fri-yay. My second favorite day of the week, after Saturday. Fridays are usually chill; fewer people on the public transit systems, and people are generally in a better mood than the rest of the week. I scheduled my meetings with the Doc on Friday nights, mostly so I could avoid social interactions. “Can’t,” I would say. “Have to meet with my therapist.” It was a very convenient excuse. Not that people were beating down my door to hang out on Friday nights, but that’s a story for another journal entry. I’m writing – typing on my phone, truth be told – this on the train as we’re barreling towards the first stop. This week had it all – stress, a day off, more stress, relaxation, reflection, commuting, work, and ice cream, among other things.

I think Doc was right about keeping this journal. It gives me something to do on the train, or while I’m waiting for a delayed train. It takes my mind off of things for a bit. It gives me a routine. I think I’ll tell Doc tonight that he was right about it.

I think Lois has noticed that I’ve been doing this every day. She usually gets on the same car as me and lately smiles when I take out my phone. Before I started journaling I’d just leave my phone in my pocket, listening to whatever music or podcast I was into that day. I’d zone out and stare out the train window at the sites, not that there was anything riveting to look at – construction sites, people’s houses, stores; you know – the suburbs. Pools, grocery stores, pet shops. The American Dream.

What am I up to this weekend? Laundry, catching up on some TV, and other sundy errands. Not exciting, I know. My birthday’s coming up so I should probably make plans, though any birthday after 21 really doesn’t mean much, does it? Maybe I’ll plan a trip somewhere. I’d love to get to California and just spend a week drinking wine and taking in the non-humid weather. They get WiFi on the beach in California, right? Technology + no work sounds like a happy birthday to me.

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