The Last Man on Earth S2 E3

Dead Man Walking

I had hoped that every season Carol and Phil would find new people to hang out with.That route probably would have been much more interesting (and provided the chance to bring in different actors/comedians) and much more funny. Instead they find the Tuscon crew in Malibu.

After accidentally killing Gail’s lover Gordon Vanderkruik (Will Ferrell) after scaring him in the last episode, Carol and the crew hold funeral on the beach. They welcome Carol back, and she tells them Tandy (still easily the worst nickname ever) is dead, from a fall off the Grand Canyon.

The Tuscon crew doesn’t seem to care that Tandy’s dead, and honestly who could blame them? As they’re on the verge of giving him another chance, Tandy comes in waving a gun in their faces. Whenever I want people to forgive me, I apologize at gunpoint, too. /sarcasm. Tandy ends the episode in stocks (yes, like medieval stocks), and apparently he’s going to stay that way until next week. Sigh.


Gail: (To Carol, about Phil) Did you scare him to death, too?
Carol: Well hardy har har, Phil. You’re like a regular Brad Garrett today.
Carol: Maybe hello would have been a little less… death-causing.

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