Family Guy S14 E3

Guy Robot

A pretty standard episode of Family Guy. Brian becomes a stand up comic and uses Stewie’s social media feed as material. Stewie builds a robot, Lyle, as a friend. Lyle, in turn, builds some robot friends for himself and they end up bullying Stewie. Lois and Peter get a new mattress, but after Lois won’t sleep with Peter on it, he goes to get the old mattress back. Brian destroys the robots, and Peter and Lois ditch the old mattress.


H. Jon Benjamin voicing Carl impersonating Bob Belcher and Sterling Archer, all in the same voice, was amazing.
Children in trench coats pretending to be adults is still funny in 2015.
Meg was only seen from behind in a cutaway and not voiced in the episode.
Peter found a thrill on Blueberry Hill.


Peter: (Drunk) We act like we didn’t take a lot from The Simpsons, but we took A LOT from The Simpsons.
1950’s Doctor: (Referring to Joe) All cripples are insane. Euthanize this man!
Brian: It’s done; I sprayed them with the hose.

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