Brooklyn Nine-Nine S3E3

Boyle’s Hunch

The phrase “The bloom is off the rose” is what I think about when watching this show this season. It’s still funny, but the 2 previous seasons were just – funnier. It’s enjoyable, but I don’t find myself laughing. This week they abandoned the “Who’s the Captain this week” gag, which I thought had a lot of potential, even though Bill Hader and Dean Winters weren’t exceptionally funny, IMO. We’ll see how and when Holt gets back to the 9-9, but hopefully they’ll have some knock-out guest stars before that happens.

Boyle meets his perfect woman – sorry, Mary Lou Henner – in Genevieve (Mary Lynn Rajskub), who is unfortunately on the wrong side of the law. He and Jake get on the case to clear her name, after making up a song to the melody (?) of Fergie’s My Humps, naturally. They prove her innocence and save the day…

Holt asks Amy to be part of the NYPD’s new positive image campaign, much to her delight and Gina’s annoyance. It fails, and he comes up with a very modern take on the very real NYPD. Gina’s reactions were the highlight of this story, and makes me want her back at the 9-9 ASAP.

Rosa and Terry try to figure out who’s stealing ice cream at the precinct; Hitchcock and Scully are the prime suspects. Hilarity doesn’t ensue.


Jake gets a spider-partner with questionably funny names.
Rosa likes Moose Tracks ice cream, thanks to Marcus.
James Urbaniak (as Genevieve’s ex Nick) is everywhere these days!


Rosa: Step one: put a delicious pie in the fridge and cover it with poison.
Terry: That’s step one? What’s step two?
Rosa: Tell their widows they were thieves.

Gina: Because this campaign, like 3 out of 5 Backstreet Boys, is inconsequential.

Jake: If she farts in that thing, does it blow up like a balloon?

Gina: It’s tacky to take credit for stuff.

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