The Simpsons S27 E3


This episode opens with a nice callback to Mrs. Bouvier’s Lover with Burns and Grampa vying for Jacqueline’s affections! Patty and Selma find out their dad actually died of lung cancer and vow to stop smoking. Selma falls off the wagon, so Patty moves in with The Simpsons – more specifically, Maggie. In the end Patty goes back to the status quo, and all is right with the world.

Meanwhile, Maggie has a special (and whimsically animated!) adventure with some animal pals. This is very reminiscent of the short before The Simpsons Movie; this time Maggie and an animal crew rescue a possum from Cletus and family. Nothing of note here, except this was the B-storyline of the episode, and perfectly fun to watch.

Jon Lovitz voices a cigarette with a lonely Selma.
Homer bleaches his (and Bart’s) eyes to avoid Patty in the shower.
Spider-Pig (Harry Plopper?) returns!

Homer: No one out fats me!
Disco Stu: Disco Stu needs a Zoloft or two.

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