Long Live the Queen

Big Brother All-Stars | Week 2 | CBS

Back for another week of Big Brother! Current HOH Memphis nominated Nicole A and David for eviction, giving… reasons. Apparently they’re not ‘all-starry’ enough, being from the most recent season. I guess I can see that argument for David, as he was the first person evicted, but Nicole A put in some work for her all-star status. Is she on par with Janelle, or even other Nicole? Not even close, but David isn’t even on the same game board.

We’ve seen a lot of Memphis and his crew talking this week, and it’s clear that his alliance members aren’t on board with his tactics. Cody and Tyler both want to backdoor someone, namely Janelle or Kaysar. Memphis says it’s way too early to take a shot at them because if he shoots and misses, “he’s f*****.” While it’s only week 2, and I see the point, this is Big Brother! All-Stars! If Memphis is as good a player as he thinks he is, he should be able to make a big move and come out on top. He should also be able to convince the other houseguests to evict the ‘Queen of Big Brother‘ (as Dani calls her); not that I want to see Janelle evicted, but with his alliance, Memphis should easily have the votes. #JustSaying.

Speaking of Janelle, she tells Memphis there’s an alliance of 4, but isn’t aware Memphis is also in that alliance with Cody and crew; Janelle suggests Memphis backdoor Nicole F. Memphis tells Nicole F “he’s heard talk” about backdooring her. I was confused at this, because if someone won POV and took down a nominee, ultimately Memphis would have to choose a replacement; if Nicole F is in his alliance, why would he put her up, and why was she so upset? Just the mention of being backdoored? This is Big Brother! All-Stars! Nicole F, I guess rightfully, is paranoid about Janelle. In the DR she says Janelle hasn’t talked to her and she’s not sure why Janelle doesn’t like her. Did something happen when they competed against each other on season 31 of The Amazing Race? Who remembers?! In any case, Nicole F could easily just ask Janelle what’s up, but where’s the fun in that?

The players for the POV are chosen by random draw: Memphis chooses Ian (the irony!), Nicole A chooses Tyler, and David chooses Nicole F. The competition is an endurance comp, where the houseguests have to balance a ball on a board. It was kind of a snooze. Nicole A, Nicole F, and Ian go down in order; shortly David and Tyler follow, and Memphis wins the veto. More Conversations With Memphis TM go on, but ultimately he decides not to use the POV.

Both sides of the house are annoyed that Memphis didn’t use the veto to backdoor anyone; Memphis wants to “stay neutral”, but this probably puts a bigger target on his back.

Nicole A goes campaigning to Da’Vonne; Da’Vonne tells her she won’t vote for David. Later, though, Da’Vonne tries to warn David that people are saying he’s in an alliance, but for whatever reason he does’t want to hear it… Separately, Kaysar goes to Da’Vonne and tells her about the alliance of 4 that he and Janelle know about, trying to sway her to his side.

Janelle and Kaysar tell Nicole A they can rally the votes to keep her, while the rest of the house tells her not to trust Janelle. Nicole A listens, and turns on Janelle and Kaysar, for some reason? She tells Cody she “want’s [Janelle’s] head on a stick”, so Cody wonders if it may be worth keeping her around…

On eviction night, in her nominee speech, Nicole A says she wants to play “All-Stars”, not “All-Scared” and calls out Memphis for nominating her. #ShotsFired! In the end, Nicole A is evicted with 10 votes; only Kevin and Enzo vote for David. In her exit interview, Julie tells Nicole A about the six person alliance and that Janelle really did have her back; Nicole says she owes Janelle apologies all around.

The HOH competition involves the houseguests sliding beer mugs down lanes for points. Ian gets a score of 10 (and does a little dance!), but Tyler gets a score of 12 and knocks him out. The rest of the houseguests can’t beat Tyler, and he becomes the new HOH.

So it seems Memphis might be safe this week, since his alliance-mate is HOH. I suspect Janelle and Kaysar will be his targets, but lots can happen in the Big Brother house in a few days… The Safety Suite twist is coming to an end next week (didn’t that go super fast, unlike most BB twists?), so hopefully this will shake things up a bit. Kaysar and Janelle may have enough support to weather the storm, but if Tyler is smart, he’ll backdoor his target to make some moves and get this game going! M

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