Wheeling, Dealing and Zip-Lining

Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 10 POV

It’s time for another veto comp – BB Comics! – in the BB house, and there’s a distinct possibility that one of the nominees will come down, forcing HoH Nicole to nominate her alliance-mates Enzo or Cody.

Nicole tells Christmas again that Christmas is not her target; she just needs to use Christmas to get “who she wants out, out.” Not sure why she didn’t just say “Memphis” because at this point it should be pretty obvious he’s her target, but I digress…

Enzo and Cody are happy about the fact they’re the only 2 player to never be on the block… #foreshadowing?

Memphis chats with Christmas and tells him Nicole is scared they’ll be mad at her. In the DR, Memphis again relies on his multiple Wise Guys alliances, and thinks the rest of the house will keep him over Christmas. I kinda love that Memphis is utterly clueless that Cody sees right through him.

Enzo tells Nicole that he’s more scared of Memphis than Christmas; Memphis is most definitely her target, so he doesn’t have to convince her!

Memphis tells Cody that Christmas has no idea what’s going on, and Memphis feels safe because of all the Wise Guys. In the DR, Cody reaffirms he’ll quickly vote out Memphis if Nicole wants him to.

In an odd segment in the kitchen, Enzo explains he’s never used a teapot to make tea – he uses a regular pot instead. In the BB house he decides to use a teapot for the first time, and is amazed that it whistles when it’s ready. #OldTechnology! In the DR, Cody calls him a man child, and I can’t disagree. What would the Meow Meow think of electric kettles?!!

Christmas talks to Enzo to try to find a way to keep her Wise Guys alliance safe; she asks him if he’ll use the veto if he wins. As Christmas explains, if Enzo wins the POV, Nicole would have to nominate Cody and they could vote him out. Unbeknownst to Christmas, there are several problems with this: (1) Enzo is scarily terrible at comps. (2) Enzo is in a tight alliance with Cody, so there’s no way he would use the veto if he won, no matter how unlikely that would be.

Later, Enzo says he’s rethinking things, and Christmas is now the bigger threat because she’s wheeling and dealing. He tells Nicole about her plot to back door Cody, and Nicole laughs about it. In the DR, she says she doesn’t care – she still wants Memphis gone.

Cody talks to Enzo and Christmas and tells them his girlfriend was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, but underwent treatment, and he’s missing her terribly. Christmas says her mom battles breast cancer and also beat it; in the DR she cries and says she misses her family. I get the conceit of this game is to be cut off from the rest of the world and that it’s a social experiment, but seeing all these players over the years miss their loved ones so much is still tough to watch. Let them text, at least!

Christmas talks to Nicole (again) to see if there’s a way the girls can team up. Nicole says the slate’s clean between them, because they both made game moves against each other. In the DR, Nicole says she’s thinking about making another final 2 deal with Christmas to supplement her deal with Cody. Christmas says she doesn’t want to repeat history, when Josh chose Paul over her for the final 2 in BB 19. Josh’s decision won him the game, so that worked out well for him! Nicole thinks over Christmas’ proposal, out loud…

Enzo has a heart to heart with stuffed cow Moo-Lan… and then the veto comp begins.

As per usual the players have to zip line past a room full of BB comic book covers, and make their board match the room’s. Whoever does this the fastest wins the golden power of veto.

All the BB Comics

And as per usual, there are multiple versions of each cover with minor differences between them – and some differences are very hard to spot. My personal favorite covers were Cody’s CALI-FURY, Tyler’s ABRA CURL DABRA, and of course Janelle’s THE BOMBSHELL. The players are extra salty about the evicted houseguests in the DR, I might add… Speaking of the DR, I was on board when they turned Cody into his comic book character, but that little gimmick got very old very fast.

Christmas seems to finish the competition relatively easily, and Memphis does too… Nicole complains she has to be a “cereal killer” on her comic, while Janelle gets to be a goddess. Pretty much!

The results are revealed, and it comes down to Nicole and Cody; with a time of (a very speedy!) 11:21, Nicole wins the veto! In the DR, she asks if this confirms her all-star status. Meh?

Christmas is upset about losing the competition, and talks to Memphis, who in the DR is convinced Christmas is going home. Enzo is getting a little paranoid about voting out Memphis, and tells Cody they should send Christmas home.

Christmas again talks to Nicole and Nicole assures her she’s safe. Christmas correctly predicts Enzo and Cody will potentially flip the vote. Christmas really wants to get Cody out and tries to convince Nicole to back door him.

At the veto meeting, Nicole predictably chooses not to the use to veto, so either Christmas or Memphis will soon be seeing the jury house… At this point, Enzo and Cody are controlling the game, and it’s quite literally a 50/50 chance for each nominee to go home. Enzo and Cody have reasons to evict either person, but I think Christmas’ time in the house is over [insert obligatory Christmas-pun here]. M

Winning When it Counts?

Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 10 Nominations

The season of Big Brother: All Stars is starting to wind down, as we’re left with five players in the game. Who kept the most pumpkins in his/her basket to claim one of the final HoH titles of the season?

In the DR, Christmas says she’ll nominate Nicole and Cody if she wins, with Cody being her ultimate target. Cody says if Memphis wins, he’s going on the block; so things aren’t looking great for the Jersey boy. Memphis says he wants Nicole out because he’s not aligned with her (in any of his alliances).

Everyone initially has trouble with the HoH competition, in which they have to get “pumpkins” (dodge balls) to stay in their “baskets” while going over balance beams. The issue is that the “baskets” are extremely flat, so any movement on the balance beam sends the “pumpkins” flying all over; if any of the “pumpkins” hit the ground they have to start all over again.

Oh, Brother.

Christmas seems to get a rhythm going, and Memphis figures out a system as well. Nicole is doing ok, and Enzo is a complete disaster.

Christmas gets down to 2 “pumpkins” left, when one of the smaller balls falls out of her “basket”, and she has to start over again.

Memphis gets down to 2 “pumpkins” left, when one of his smaller balls falls out of his “basket”, and he has to start over again.

Nicole is now in the lead, and only needs 1 more “pumpkin” to win the competition. She says she can “taste Victor’s letter” if she wins, and she places the last “pumpkin” in her “basket”. She slowly lowers her balance beam and hits the button to win the competition and become HoH – her first competition win of the season.

Christmas gets upset and starts crying; she tells Nicole she’s sad because she was so close to winning and couldn’t. Nicole walks away, but laughs and says “they’re sad because I won,” which I found a little strange…

In the DR, Enzo says Nicole is going to do some of his dirty work because he’s aligned with everyone else in the house; Cody has similar thoughts later.

Memphis thinks he’s good with Cody, Enzo and Christmas, but Cody says he’ll turn on Memphis but “yes” him to death. In the DR, Nicole says she’ll come after Memphis, who nominated her, and Christmas, who tried to flip the vote on her. In the DR, Cody says Nicole taking a shot at Memphis is great for his (and Enzo’s) game.

Christmas accidentally walks in on Enzo in the bathroom, which marks the second time we’ve seen that happen this season – the first time it was Nicole. I never noticed before (and it’s hard to see in the picture) but the bathroom seems to have a lock with a green indicator on the front. Are they not allowed to lock that door?

The players go see Nicole’s HoH room, and she reads her letter from fiance and former Big Brother player and Amazing Race partner Victor; she reads it and gets very happy – she does not, in fact, taste it.

Christmas talks with Nicole, and Nicole basically tells her she’s going to nominate her. She doesn’t want Christmas to go home; however, Cody and Enzo have never done anything to her, so she has no reason to nominate them. Christmas tells her Cody is the biggest target because he’s good at comps and the jury loves him. Right on cue, Cody comes to talk to Nicole and Christmas leaves. Nicole and Cody discuss everything Christmas just said, and Cody turns his attention to getting Christmas out over Memphis. Nicole says Cody’s BB life is in her hands, and asks if he’ll vote how she wants him to vote.

Memphis, Enzo, Cody and Christmas discuss Enzo’s “foot stalker,” and I do not want to repeat the details of this conversation. Moving on…

Memphis goes to talk to Nicole to try to make a deal; in the DR Memphis says she’d be crazy not to accept his deal to vote with her and not use the veto. In the DR, Nicole says his deal is terrible.

One more time, Christmas walks in on Enzo in the bathroom.

At the nomination ceremony, surprising no one, Nicole nominates Memphis and Christmas for eviction. So unless either nominee wins the veto, Cody and Enzo are sitting pretty this week. Christmas and Memphis are good at competitions though, so it’s entirely possible that one of them could win, forcing Nicole to turn on her alliance (well, Enzo, really). Either way it would be good to get Memphis out of the house. We also learn that the veto comp will be the much loved BB Comics competition, finally! Again, not sure who to root for here, so I guess I’ll stick with Cody or the Meow Meow, for now. M

And Then There Were Five

Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 9 Eviction

Will Christmas (jingle, jingle) be evicted, or will Tyler be headed off to jury?

Cody says he’s now gunning for Tyler; Nicole, Enzo and Cody talk in the HoH room, and they agree that Tyler has to go – even though Christmas is acting “too happy.”

Memphis tells Tyler he’s leaning towards evicting him because he’s a big threat in competitions. Tyler tells Cody this, and they discuss what would happen if Christmas stayed in the game…

Later, Memphis and Cody chat and they think they would both have a hard time competing against Tyler; Memphis says if he wins HoH, Christmas will go up on the block. In the DR, Cody says he knows Memphis is lying because he knows (thanks to Enzo) that Memphis created a separate Wise Guys alliance with Christmas.

Memphis talks to Enzo to try to keep the Wise Guy alliance going, and tells him if he wins HoH he’s going to go after Christmas and Nicole. Enzo runs to Cody and tells him all of this, and they discuss Memphis playing all sides of the house. So again the target moves to Christmas, since evicting her would mean there would be one less person on Memphis’ side in the house.

Over in the jury house, Ian welcomes Da’Vonne and they talk about their various alliances; Ian realizes Dani was basically running things in the house. Day discusses Nicole and how she flipped the vote and then lied to her; she says Janelle was right about Nicole – don’t ever doubt Janelle, people!

On triple eviction night, Kevin joins the jury house, followed by David and then a very bitter and upset Dani. The next day the jury members watch the events leading up to, and including, the triple eviction (with Otev’s groovy veto, where David took the $10,000); they realize Enzo flipped and voted out David instead of Nicole. Dani says she feels more betrayed than she ever did in the game, and that she’s heartbroken; she thinks Cody is playing the best game all around, even though she feels the most betrayed by him.

At the current eviction, only Enzo, Nicole and Memphis are voting, and they all vote to evict Tyler. In his exit interview, Tyler says ultimately everyone just saw him as a threat, and he thinks Nicole is Cody’s #1. They discuss David and how he told Da’Vonne about his alliance with Tyler, as well as how when Tyler got stressed and upset in the game, he made some errors that ultimately led to his eviction. His final thoughts are how there were so many alliances going on; he’s right! I don’t know how the players even keep the alliances straight because everyone is seemingly in an alliance with everyone else.

Get the balls in the… baskets?

This week’s HoH competition is called “Stashing Pumpkins”, and the houseguests have to transfer all their pumpkins (aka orange dodge balls), to baskets on the other side of balance beams. If any pumpkins fall out of the basket, or if they fall off the beam, they’ll have to reset and start over again.

And this looks like torture, since the “baskets” are quite flat, and not at all basket shaped!

So the final five is set: Memphis, Christmas, Cody, Enzo and Nicole. I can’t say I’m rooting for any of these people, since Tyler was the last person I was hoping would make it to the end of the game. If Memphis or Christmas win HoH, I think Cody and Nicole are in trouble. If Nicole or Enzo win, Memphis and Christmas are in trouble. All in all, though, the Meow Meow is actually looking to be safe no matter what. Expect the unexpected?! M

Photo Finish

Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 9 POV

Time for another veto competition in the Big Brother house! Tyler and Christmas have done well in comps, so it’s entirely possible that Cody will have to nominate a third person.

Nicole is happy with Cody’s nominations, since Tyler and Christmas tried to evict her. She talks to Cody, who tells her if someone comes down, Memphis will go up in that person’s place; he’s leaning towards Christmas being his ultimate target.

Tyler and Christmas talk; as Christmas says, they swung and missed, so now she has to do whatever she can to salvage her game – even if that means turning on Tyler. He’s said the same, so they will definitely turn on each other to stay in the house.

In the DR, Enzo says he’s too good at this game, since he flipped on Tyler and Christmas and got them on the block. Later, he talks to Tyler, and tries to make him think he’s still on his side.

Christmas talks to Cody, and says she’s not taking the nomination personally (even though she starts to cry while talking to him). In the DR, she says maybe if she cries Cody will see Tyler as a bigger target. Odd logic? In the DR Cody says her crying changes nothing.

Memphis and Tyler talk about their respective parents and how their fathers both passed away; Memphis says he processed the grief from losing his father when he had a son. He tells Tyler he wonders what his dad would think of Big Brother; Tyler says he watched the show with his father. Tyler gets emotional in the DR thinking about his connection to his father and Big Brother; it seems to motivate him to play harder to stay in the house.

Christmas asks Memphis what the odds are of Enzo going up on the block as a replacement; she says she thinks Cody will put Memphis up next to her if Tyler comes down. In the DR Memphis says he’s sure he’s not going up because of his deal with Cody…

In the DR, Tyler says Enzo is his only option for someone to turn to; he tells Enzo about The Committee, and says they wanted Enzo evicted during the triple eviction. Tyler says he didn’t target Enzo and that’s why he’s still in the game; but in the DR, Enzo says he already knew about The Committee because Cody told him about it. Twist!! Tyler does his best, but Enzo isn’t buying it.

Enzo was baffled… but he wasn’t the only one

Everyone competes in the veto competition – “Snapshot Shuffle.” In the backyard, each player has to take big photos of evicted houseguests and put them in chronological order, with a maximum time of 25 minutes. They have to look at each picture and look for clues as to which came earlier in a fictional day at a baseball game: Bayleigh has a hot dog in various states of being eaten, Keesha has a glass of beer in various states of being drunk, Da’Vonne has a box of popcorn that’s all over the place, etc.

All the houseguests have trouble, but Cody and Christmas seem to be better than the others. When the results are revealed, Christmas put the photos in order in about 12 minutes, Tyler and Enzo timed out, Cody finished in about 5 minutes (!), Nicole in about 7 minutes, and Memphis in about 8 minutes. So Cody wins the golden power of veto!

In the HoH room after the comp, Enzo tells Cody that Tyler told him about The Committee; Cody says he wasn’t targeting Tyler, but after that, he may have to rethink things. Later, Cody and Enzo have a conversation about the origins of certain phrases (I didn’t catch the nonsense they were talking, personally), much to Nicole’s delight.

Tyler talks to Cody and tries to convince him to take him off the block and replace him with Memphis; Tyler basically says if he goes, Cody is the next biggest target.

At the veto meeting, Cody (of course) doesn’t use the veto, and either Tyler or Christmas will be the next all star to join the jury. I think Cody was right to target Christmas before Tyler, because at least Tyler has a good relationship with Cody, and Tyler will be a vote against Memphis. With so few people left in the house, though, one vote could flip things again – we’ll just have to see what Enzo decides to do on Thursday night! M

Anything But Zen

Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 9 Nominations

After the first ever triple eviction from the Big Brother house, The Committee will finally have to start turning on each other, and maybe this game can finally kick into a higher gear.

Memphis starts things off by saying The Committee officially came to an end with Dani’s eviction. Nicole is extremely relieved but also scared about losing an ally in Dani. On the other end of the spectrum, Christmas is thrilled to have survived the triple eviction.

We then see what happened (quite a lot!) leading up to and in between all the competitions for the triple eviction: Memphis didn’t meet with anyone, and nominated Nicole and David. Later, after she wins the veto, he tells Christmas not to change the nominations.

Christmas talks to Tyler, who doesn’t want to vote out David; Tyler wants to take a shot at Nicole, but Christmas decides not to use the veto. Christmas, Enzo and Tyler discuss flipping the vote to evict Nicole, but don’t want to make Memphis angry; Christmas and Tyler vote for Nicole, but Enzo flips his flip and votes out David. Nicole gets angry about getting two votes and pulls Enzo aside to ask him if anyone tried to get him to vote her out; he immediately throws Christmas and Tyler under the bus and tells Nicole they voted for her.

In the DR, Enzo says he didn’t want to evict Nicole (because she is close with Cody) and now Nicole owes him, so it was the best move for his game. Ultimately, he might be right, but it’s terrible that he could have evicted her and didn’t, especially with all his “MAKE SOME MOVES” talk…

Dani tells Nicole that Christmas and Tyler have a final two deal, and Christmas realizes there’s now a target on her back. Tyler gets upset and in the DR says it’s the first time he’s ever been on the wrong side of a vote, so he needs to win HoH. When he does, nominates Dani and Nicole to get one of them out.

After Tyler wins the veto, he tells Nicole that Dani is his target. Cody tells Dani he’s voting to keep her, but he’s obviously closer to Nicole. Enzo says the same, and then schemes with Cody to get Tyler and Christmas on the block together.

After Dani is voted out, Tyler talks to Nicole again and apologizes; in the DR Nicole says she doesn’t believe anything Tyler says, and she has to win the next HoH competition.

Yoga has never been so stressful

Tyler hosts the competition – “Namaste Off the Block” – in the “BB Yoga Studio.” The 5 houseguests competing have to dress in costumes then press 3 buttons (and keep them pressed) as they undress out of the costumes. If they let go of 1 button, their clocks will run 10x as fast; letting go of 2 buttons will make the clock run 30x as fast, and letting go of all 3 will make it run 60x as fast. Whoever has the most time on their clock after each round will be eliminated.

Christmas is eliminated first, then Nicole, and then Enzo, leaving Cody and Memphis competing for the title. Cody pulls out the win, and Tyler and Christmas are (rightfully) worried that they’re going up on the block.

Later, Cody tells Enzo he’s going to put up Tyler and Christmas; if one of them wins the veto, he’ll put up Memphis. Memphis tells Christmas not to worry because Nicole is on everyone’s radar and Tyler is a real threat.

It’s like, you know

Christmas has an excruciating conversation with Cody, in which Cody says “like” 34 times (it’s Big Brother – you can bet there was a “Like” counter). In a later conversation, Christmas also says “like” a ton of times #JustSaying.

In the DR, Nicole says that there’s a clear line between the final six: Memphis, Christmas and Tyler vs. Nicole, Enzo and Cody. Later, in the DR and when talking to Cody, Enzo says he needs Nicole to do something in the game.

Tyler tries to smooth things over with Cody for flipping and voting for David; in the DR he says he’ll even flip and cut Christmas loose (!) to stay in the game. Cody tells Tyler he loves him and he won’t let Tyler go home on his HoH.

Christmas also talks to Cody, but this doesn’t do anything to dissuade Cody; he ultimately nominates Tyler and Christmas for eviction.

Three (or four) weeks too late, but now the players are working to break up some duos and alliances in the house. Since The Committee is over, things may start to get interesting. Tyler or Christmas could actually win the veto, and Cody would have to put up Memphis – and there’s a good argument for getting him out of the house before either Tyler or Christmas, because he’s arguably a bigger threat. It’s hard to root for any of these people at this point because the season’s been pretty boring, but I’m looking forward to seeing the jury members and their reactions Da’Vonne’s reactions to how these supposed all stars have been playing the game. M

Triple the Expected

Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 8 Eviction(s)

It’s time for a super-sized 2 hour episode of Big Brother: All Stars. Tonight, for the first time, there will be a triple eviction – and hopefully these players will make some big moves.

Cody doesn’t use the veto, so Floater A or Floater B will be evicted. David says he needs to mend fences after he took the $10K in the veto comp. He talks to Cody, and says he was just thinking he wouldn’t still be in the house this week, so he went after the money. Cody says he wants David to stay because Kevin is his target.

Later, Kevin talks to Cody again (bad idea?), and in the DR says he needs to go on an apology tour. He tells Cody he’s not coming after him, and he’s desperate for a teammate in the game. In the DR, Cody says he wanted Kevin out, but maybe getting David out wouldn’t be the worst idea…

Like a good neighbor, Dr. Will is there

The houseguests get a video message from Dr. Will and gather in the living room. He tells the houseguests he was so good at the game because he thought not one, not two, but three steps ahead. With a wink the video ends, and the houseguests freak out at what this could mean… David and Memphis correctly guess it’s a triple eviction; basically the rest of the houseguests hop on board and realize a triple eviction is a possibility.

Enzo and Cody talk about who they need to go after, and Christmas and Tyler are at the top of their list.

Tyler and David compare notes, and Tyler says they need to target Nicole and Dani; Tyler still wants to use David as a number for his benefit. Later, Tyler to talks to Dani and tells her he’s loyal to their alliance, and he wouldn’t come after her. And he’s lying through his teeth.

At the first eviction ceremony, Kevin is unanimously evicted (and there will be a lot less crying in the house). Kevin talks to Julie and says the last time he played he skated through to the final 3, so this was a very different experience. She asks him about his conversation with Cody in which he basically threatened the HoH before nominations, and Kevin says he’s just “weird,” and he didn’t mean for it to go down that way. Kevin listens to his goodbye messages, and cries. A fitting end, since that’s all he did all season. Moving on…

So much Dr. Will

The Dr. Will themed HoH competition – “It’s All About Will” – is another one using the infuriating question block. I hear the Chen-bot saying “Reset” in my BB nightmares. Anyway… Julie asks questions about Dr. Will’s appearances from the BB neighbor house. Dani, Tyler and David are quickly eliminated in the first round.

Nicole is eliminated next, and then Enzo and Christmas – making Memphis the new HoH. And once again a member of The Committee wins. Who will Memphis nominate? David again? Probably.

Memphis indeed nominates David (and Nicole!) for eviction.

Flipping ice to fire

At the first veto competition, Christmas, Tyler (again!) and Dani are chosen by random draw to compete with Memphis, David and Nicole. The players have to run across a balance beam and take a puzzle and flip it around to make another one – a picture of veto and ice into a picture of veto and fire. Christmas finishes first and rings in, but her puzzle is wrong; she fixes the puzzle and runs back to win the veto.

Nicole frantically tells Christmas to pull her off the block, and Christmas listens but goes to talk to Memphis to see what his plan is…

At the veto meeting, Christmas (somewhat surprisingly) decides not to use the veto.

At the eviction, as the houseguests are getting ready to vote, Julie comes on the screen in the living room and a “Triple Eviction” graphic behind her was visible to the houseguests, so they were instantly clued into what was about to happen.

“Triple Eviction” was scrolling behind Julie when she went live. D’oh!

The houseguests vote, and by a vote of 3 to 2, David is the second houseguest evicted. Enzo, despite all his talk, voted to evict David, while Christmas and Tyler voted to evict Nicole. In his exit interview, David says he doesn’t regret taking the $10K, and he’s proud and vindicated from being voted off first last season.

Julie then confirms the triple eviction twist to the remaining 7 houseguests, and they go out to the backyard for the next competition.

So the anti-climactic reveal of the triple eviction twist was kinda on par with this anti-climactic season of Big Brother, wasn’t it?

The infuriating question block is back for the second HoH comp: “It’s All About You.” Enzo, Dani and Nicole and eliminated first. Christmas and Cody and eliminated, and Tyler becomes the new HoH! Dani immediately pulls him aside and says she thinks he’s going to put her up. She says she’s not coming after him and he knows where she stands. Dani leaves and Nicole comes in, and Tyler apologizes to her for voting to evict her (he says he thought Memphis wanted to evict Nicole and it was a mistake…#interesting!).

Tired yet?! At the nomination ceremony, Tyler nominates Dani and Nicole for eviction. A MOVE IS MADE!

Cody, Enzo and Christmas were chosen to play in the second veto comp – “Feet to the Fire.” This uses the puzzle from the first comp, but the players need to take the puzzle pieces from one end of the yard to the other, crossing 2 balance beams, and reconstruct the veto + fire picture. Christmas is eliminated first, and Nicole falls and is eliminated next. Tyler completes the puzzle and rings in to win the power of veto! Good night for Tyler – or he just put a HUGE target on his back!

At the veto meeting, Tyler decides not to use the power of veto, so either Nicole or Dani will be the third person evicted.

Nicole and Dani give their speeches, and Dani calls out Tyler and Christmas for their alliance (and Christmas’ BB basement power which she didn’t use). The votes are cast, and the houseguests unanimously vote out Dani. She reluctantly hugs everyone as she leaves, except for Tyler and Christmas. Christmas says something along the lines of “I guess it’s personal now” and Dani says “guess it is.”

In her exit interview, Dani says she doesn’t like Christmas, and is shocked that Cody didn’t vote for her to stay. Regarding Tyler, Dani says staying loyal to The Committee was probably her downfall; she never felt good with Tyler and Christmas. She says if she had to redo anything, it would be to get Tyler out instead of Ian (good call – Dani does really get the game). Dani says this season has been the most fun she’s had on Big Brother and she’s really sad.

So the big super sized Big Brother: All Stars comes to a close. Kevin, David and Dani are headed to the jury house, and next week we start the cycle all over again! Julie talks to the houseguests, and tells them that no one that has been evicted will be coming back into the game – probably for the better. Because of the COVID of it all, CBS is choosing to air movies on Sunday nights, pushing Big Brother: All Stars over to Monday nights for the rest of the season.

Was this historic eviction all it was cracked up to be? No, but it did speed up the game significantly. The 2 biggest floaters were evicted and Tyler taking out Dani set up The Committee to start turning on each other probably earlier than expected. Will this make for a better game going forward? No, since there’s no one to really root for now – though I guess Tyler is the best option? I appreciate Big Brother for being Big Brother, but things have got to get really good for this “all-stars” season to make any impact whatsoever. Psychedelic salamanders aside. M

Otev’s Groovy Veto

Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 8 Veto

The nominations were predictable, but it’s finally time for Otev! Will the POV shake things up?

After Kevin somehow made himself a bigger nuisance to Cody, Cody put him up for eviction – for the 5th time!

Dani tells Nicole she wants to play in the veto for the prizes; but if she managed to throw it to Kevin or David, she wouldn’t be upset if Christmas was the replacement nominee. In the DR, Nicole says she doesn’t want Christmas to go home, and doesn’t want to go along with plans that will help Dani but hurt her. Logical!

Christmas and Memphis are chatting, and Memphis says no amount of money will keep him from winning the game; Christmas says the same. She says if the veto is used, she could go up. In the DR, she says even though she and Cody are in The Committee, she’s not especially close to Cody.

Kevin tells David that he thinks David’s safe, and they chat. Enzo comes in as Kevin leaves, and tells David that the house is going to get crazy; he says he’s “with” him and Kevin. In the DR, Enzo says he doesn’t want to get rid of either nominee, and it’s time to make some moves. You think? This is All Stars – do something!

Later, Kevin talks about his background to David; he is half black and Japanese, so he doesn’t identify with either group. David tells him to just be “Kevin Campbell.” Great advice! However, this segment seemed oddly placed to me – it seemed like were just trying to shoehorn “an issue” into the episode. #Shrug.

Nicole and Christmas chat, and Nicole says she has Christmas’ back; this gets Christmas thinking… she asks Nicole “is it Dani?” and Nicole confirms. In the DR, Nicole says she needs to start looking after herself, like Dani is. Christmas says she has Nicole’s back, and in the DR she says she’s not afraid to take a shot at Dani.

In the HoH room, Dani, Christmas, Memphis and Cody discuss what people from different states are called. Cody has never heard of any of this, apparently. He didn’t know people from Florida were called Floridians, apparently? The point it, Zingbot was correct. Trust the Zing.

Choosing players for the veto, Cody chooses Nicole, and Kevin chooses Tyler (who legit always gets picked). David wants to pick Enzo, and gets Houseguest Choice, so he chooses Enzo. Christmas gets annoyed at not being picked and says “Call me if I’m a replacement nominee,” tipping her hand that she knows that’s a possibility…

In the HoH room, Enzo talks to Cody and Memphis and they “agree” that Kevin needs to go home. But Enzo’s plan is to put a bigger threat on the block. In the DR he says he can’t even remember the names of all the alliances he’s in!

Otev threw a rave over at Dr. Will’s next door. Really!

It’s Otev time, and this year he’s a … stoner psychedelic salamander! As per usual, Otev asks the houseguests questions, and they have to run through the backyard and find the correct answer; whoever answers last is eliminated in each round, musical chairs style. This year, the answers to the questions are on tie-dye T-shirts, and one shirt is worth $10,000! If the houseguest chooses the money, he/she will be ineligible for the veto.

In the first round (!), David finds the money shirt and takes the $10,000 – confounding all the houseguests (and me!) – and is eliminated.

Tyler is eliminated in round 2, but manages to find and keep an inflatable cow which he names Moo-lan. You can’t make this stuff up, people.

Kevin and Cody race for the finish in round 3, but Kevin is eliminated. Nicole is eliminated next, then Enzo, so Cody wins the Golden Power of Veto!

David’s just happy he won the money, since Cody said Kevin’s his target. But the houseguests’ feathers are all ruffled that David took the money, and Enzo tells Cody they may just have to send David home. Cody asks David what his deal is and tells him to lay low, because he really wants Kevin evicted.

At the veto meeting, Cody decides not to use the power of veto, so Kevin and David remain on the block and someone’s game will come to an end.

But that’s not all – there will also be two other people going home in a TRIPLE eviction! Though this season has been a bit of a snooze, maybe tomorrow’s extra evictions will force these “all-stars” to take some risky shots at some high profile targets. M

Here We Go Again (Again)

Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 8 Nominations

It’s week 8 in the BB house, and the houseguests’ new neighbor, Dr. Will, let them know this week they’ll get the chance for either power or prizes. These comps may be interesting!

After the eviction, Christmas asks Nicole who voted to keep Da’Vonne. Nicole lies and tries to throw David under the bus, but Christmas isn’t buying it. Later, Nicole and Dani both lie to each other about their votes #TrustIssues! Dani says she’ll do whatever it takes to get her to the end of the game.

She also reminds us this is the last week she can use her Replay power, which would let Memphis play in the HoH comp this week. Dani tells Nicole she’s leaning towards not using it, which Nicole then relays to Cody. Cody takes this as Dani turning her back on her alliance, since Memphis is in the alliance, and he could potentially be HoH again…

Dani talks to Memphis about the situation and she decides to use the power to “help” the alliance along. Later, the houseguests learn, via the living room screen, that the Replay power has been played, and that Memphis will be taking part.

Tyler sizes up the golf situation

The HoH competition, Going for the Green, is a golfing comp! Each houseguest gets 3 golf balls, with which they can aim for $10,000 or HoH.

They must hit the balls into slots with scores; the left side scores are for the money, and the right side scores are for HOH – whoever has the lowest score for each side wins the prize (so it’s possible one person could win the money and HoH).

The houseguests all go golfing, and Memphis intentionally screws up to not win. 4 players attempted to win the money, and there is a tie for 1st place – Dani and Tyler both got a score of 3, so they each receive $5,000. Not bad for hitting some over-sized golf balls! The fact that they won is not revealed to the other houseguests. Later, Dani and Tyler talk about the comp and neither admit to winning.

On the HoH side of things, with a score of 2, Cody becomes the new HoH, besting David’s score of 7. Another Committee member wins. #Yawn.

Dani tells Cody that Christmas was angry that he won; she wants Cody to go after Christmas, and Cody isn’t opposed to the idea. He says in the DR he’s thinking about nominating David and Kevin, since he’s not aligned with either of them. But later, Enzo tells Cody about Memphis’ double dealing Wise Guys final deals, in order to get rid of Christmas and stop going after the floaters. Yes! Make some moves!

Cody tells Nicole he’s going to put up David and Kevin, and Kevin is his target; if he needs a replacement nominee it will be Christmas. He tells Nicole about the Wise Guys deal with Christmas, and Nicole says if Christmas is evicted, Dani will come after her next.

Kevin talks to Cody and asks him what he can do to not go up on the block; I’m not exactly sure what happened, but Kevin ends up insulting Cody in several different ways. Kevin actually used the phrase “the world doesn’t revolve around you,” if that’s any indication of how the conversation went…

At the nomination ceremony, Cody does the predictable thing and nominates Kevin and David for eviction. So once again, a Committee member wins HoH and Kevin and David are nominated for eviction. Is this cycle ever going to end? Will Kevin ever get evicted, or will he end up winning the game? Enzo says after this week, the “game is going to get crazy.” Promises, promises, Meow Meow. M

Return of the Zing

All Stars! And David.

Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 7 POV

There’s a reason Big Brother contestants say “pawns go home.” With that in mind…

After the nominations, Da’Vonne says if David’s the target, she’s good with that! After an emotional conversation in which Kevin says he really appreciates Day,

Memphis chooses Tyler, Day choose Nicole with Houseguest Choice, and Kevin chooses Dani with Housegust Choice. In the DR, David says both Day and Kevin got houseguest choice and didn’t choose him, so that’s pretty much it. Tyler is also suspicious that Nicole and Dani were chosen, since he thinks they’re working with Day.

Dani tells Nicole they either need to lose the veto or use it on Day; Memphis tells Nicole, Tyler, and Dani to just throw the comp so he can back door David. Tyler and Dani both aren’t down with Memphis’ plan. Memphis later tells Day and Kevin about his plan; in the DR Day says she doesn’t trust any of these people so she’s going to fight to win.

In the DR, Tyler says David is by himself, so why back door him, if he’s a potential number? Tyler talks to Cody and he agrees back-dooring David shouldn’t be high on the priority list.

Now with 40% more Zing

The houseguests get a rude awakening in the form of Zingbot… dressed as Tiger King? Sure, why not. His zings, as per usual, were pretty lame – but on point: David is not an All Star. Cody isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Kevin is boring. Nicole is whiny.

Anyway, the POV comp is set in Zingbot’s zoo. The houseguests must race inside a hedge maze and return stuffed animals to their respective cages; whoever does this the fastest wins the veto. After the comp, the person who “sucked the least” (Zingbot’s words) was Tyler, with a nice and speedy time of 2:55.

Memphis tells Day and Kevin they’re probably fine, but he’ll talk to Tyler. When they do talk, Tyler says he’s not really on board with Memphis’ plan; he explains why David isn’t a threat, but Nicole, Dani and Day are. #Obviously!

At the veto meeting, Day says she’s not going to ask Tyler to use the veto, and he in fact does not use it.

So either Day or Kevin will be evicted on Thursday, and Tyler actually made a proper move in the game! In my mind this puts a huge target on Day because Kevin has been floating along all season. Christmas says she’s not going to use her special power to help either nominee, so I have a sneaking suspicion Day will be seeing Ian later this week – and the house will, unfortunately, get 100% less funny. M

Here We Go Again

Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 7 HoH and Nominations

It’s week 7 in the BB house! Who will seize power (from The Committee) and who will the new HoH (from The Committee) put on the block?

Before the eviction, David tells Ian he’ll vote to keep him in order to make Dani break a tie, and Ian relays this to Da’Vonne. Day thinks she, Kevin, David and Nicole will vote to keep Ian, not knowing Nicole won’t actually go against Dani…

No one really trusts David, who really seems to be making a move to expose Dani’s allegiance(s). Kevin tells Dani about David’s plan and she tells him if there’s a tie she’ll vote Tyler out; she gets angry that David is coming for her.

Dani knows Nicole is voting for Ian, so she plans to make David take the fall for Nicole’s vote and make him ‘public enemy number 1.’

At the fire hydrant-building HoH comp, David, Tyler, and Memphis seem to be doing well. After not tightening up his puzzle and ringing in, Memphis pushes his pieces closer together and rings in to win the comp and become the new HoH. He seems like he’s going to go after David (again), and David thinks as much (again).

After the comp, Day is angry that someone flipped a vote, and she thinks it’s David (without any encouragement from anyone). Dani and Nicole are happy they’re on Day’s good side; Kevin says he also thinks David is lying when he tells Kevin he was ‘duped’ in the vote.

Later, Day asks David about the vote and he says he didn’t flip, but she doesn’t believe him. Nicole straight up lies to Day about her vote, as David gets angry (and loud) about his game.

David says he thinks Nicole and Dani are working together and correctly guesses they’re pinning the flipped vote on him. Kevin thinks there’s a (5%) possibility Nicole was the one who flipped.

Memphis calls everyone to the living room for the have-not transfer – on taco night! Day pics Christmas and David picks Cody – and both are very unhappy.

Memphis plans to back door David to get him out of the house; he tells David if he agrees to keep his nominees the same if he plays and wins the veto, he’ll keep him off the block. He tells David he has ‘other plans’ for this week, so David agrees, but in the DR wonders about a back door…

At the nomination ceremony, Memphis nominates Day and Kevin; he says it was a no brainier because they used the veto last week. In the DR, David says he’s going to play to win if he’s picked for the veto comp.

So it may all come down to the veto! Whoever wins will have to take someone down so Memphis can carry out his plan to back door David. If David wins, this may be another ‘collateral damage’ week in the BB house! M