Here We Go Again (Again)

Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 8 Nominations

It’s week 8 in the BB house, and the houseguests’ new neighbor, Dr. Will, let them know this week they’ll get the chance for either power or prizes. These comps may be interesting!

After the eviction, Christmas asks Nicole who voted to keep Da’Vonne. Nicole lies and tries to throw David under the bus, but Christmas isn’t buying it. Later, Nicole and Dani both lie to each other about their votes #TrustIssues! Dani says she’ll do whatever it takes to get her to the end of the game.

She also reminds us this is the last week she can use her Replay power, which would let Memphis play in the HoH comp this week. Dani tells Nicole she’s leaning towards not using it, which Nicole then relays to Cody. Cody takes this as Dani turning her back on her alliance, since Memphis is in the alliance, and he could potentially be HoH again…

Dani talks to Memphis about the situation and she decides to use the power to “help” the alliance along. Later, the houseguests learn, via the living room screen, that the Replay power has been played, and that Memphis will be taking part.

Tyler sizes up the golf situation

The HoH competition, Going for the Green, is a golfing comp! Each houseguest gets 3 golf balls, with which they can aim for $10,000 or HoH.

They must hit the balls into slots with scores; the left side scores are for the money, and the right side scores are for HOH – whoever has the lowest score for each side wins the prize (so it’s possible one person could win the money and HoH).

The houseguests all go golfing, and Memphis intentionally screws up to not win. 4 players attempted to win the money, and there is a tie for 1st place – Dani and Tyler both got a score of 3, so they each receive $5,000. Not bad for hitting some over-sized golf balls! The fact that they won is not revealed to the other houseguests. Later, Dani and Tyler talk about the comp and neither admit to winning.

On the HoH side of things, with a score of 2, Cody becomes the new HoH, besting David’s score of 7. Another Committee member wins. #Yawn.

Dani tells Cody that Christmas was angry that he won; she wants Cody to go after Christmas, and Cody isn’t opposed to the idea. He says in the DR he’s thinking about nominating David and Kevin, since he’s not aligned with either of them. But later, Enzo tells Cody about Memphis’ double dealing Wise Guys final deals, in order to get rid of Christmas and stop going after the floaters. Yes! Make some moves!

Cody tells Nicole he’s going to put up David and Kevin, and Kevin is his target; if he needs a replacement nominee it will be Christmas. He tells Nicole about the Wise Guys deal with Christmas, and Nicole says if Christmas is evicted, Dani will come after her next.

Kevin talks to Cody and asks him what he can do to not go up on the block; I’m not exactly sure what happened, but Kevin ends up insulting Cody in several different ways. Kevin actually used the phrase “the world doesn’t revolve around you,” if that’s any indication of how the conversation went…

At the nomination ceremony, Cody does the predictable thing and nominates Kevin and David for eviction. So once again, a Committee member wins HoH and Kevin and David are nominated for eviction. Is this cycle ever going to end? Will Kevin ever get evicted, or will he end up winning the game? Enzo says after this week, the “game is going to get crazy.” Promises, promises, Meow Meow. M

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