And Then There Were Five

Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 9 Eviction

Will Christmas (jingle, jingle) be evicted, or will Tyler be headed off to jury?

Cody says he’s now gunning for Tyler; Nicole, Enzo and Cody talk in the HoH room, and they agree that Tyler has to go – even though Christmas is acting “too happy.”

Memphis tells Tyler he’s leaning towards evicting him because he’s a big threat in competitions. Tyler tells Cody this, and they discuss what would happen if Christmas stayed in the game…

Later, Memphis and Cody chat and they think they would both have a hard time competing against Tyler; Memphis says if he wins HoH, Christmas will go up on the block. In the DR, Cody says he knows Memphis is lying because he knows (thanks to Enzo) that Memphis created a separate Wise Guys alliance with Christmas.

Memphis talks to Enzo to try to keep the Wise Guy alliance going, and tells him if he wins HoH he’s going to go after Christmas and Nicole. Enzo runs to Cody and tells him all of this, and they discuss Memphis playing all sides of the house. So again the target moves to Christmas, since evicting her would mean there would be one less person on Memphis’ side in the house.

Over in the jury house, Ian welcomes Da’Vonne and they talk about their various alliances; Ian realizes Dani was basically running things in the house. Day discusses Nicole and how she flipped the vote and then lied to her; she says Janelle was right about Nicole – don’t ever doubt Janelle, people!

On triple eviction night, Kevin joins the jury house, followed by David and then a very bitter and upset Dani. The next day the jury members watch the events leading up to, and including, the triple eviction (with Otev’s groovy veto, where David took the $10,000); they realize Enzo flipped and voted out David instead of Nicole. Dani says she feels more betrayed than she ever did in the game, and that she’s heartbroken; she thinks Cody is playing the best game all around, even though she feels the most betrayed by him.

At the current eviction, only Enzo, Nicole and Memphis are voting, and they all vote to evict Tyler. In his exit interview, Tyler says ultimately everyone just saw him as a threat, and he thinks Nicole is Cody’s #1. They discuss David and how he told Da’Vonne about his alliance with Tyler, as well as how when Tyler got stressed and upset in the game, he made some errors that ultimately led to his eviction. His final thoughts are how there were so many alliances going on; he’s right! I don’t know how the players even keep the alliances straight because everyone is seemingly in an alliance with everyone else.

Get the balls in the… baskets?

This week’s HoH competition is called “Stashing Pumpkins”, and the houseguests have to transfer all their pumpkins (aka orange dodge balls), to baskets on the other side of balance beams. If any pumpkins fall out of the basket, or if they fall off the beam, they’ll have to reset and start over again.

And this looks like torture, since the “baskets” are quite flat, and not at all basket shaped!

So the final five is set: Memphis, Christmas, Cody, Enzo and Nicole. I can’t say I’m rooting for any of these people, since Tyler was the last person I was hoping would make it to the end of the game. If Memphis or Christmas win HoH, I think Cody and Nicole are in trouble. If Nicole or Enzo win, Memphis and Christmas are in trouble. All in all, though, the Meow Meow is actually looking to be safe no matter what. Expect the unexpected?! M

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