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Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 9 POV

Time for another veto competition in the Big Brother house! Tyler and Christmas have done well in comps, so it’s entirely possible that Cody will have to nominate a third person.

Nicole is happy with Cody’s nominations, since Tyler and Christmas tried to evict her. She talks to Cody, who tells her if someone comes down, Memphis will go up in that person’s place; he’s leaning towards Christmas being his ultimate target.

Tyler and Christmas talk; as Christmas says, they swung and missed, so now she has to do whatever she can to salvage her game – even if that means turning on Tyler. He’s said the same, so they will definitely turn on each other to stay in the house.

In the DR, Enzo says he’s too good at this game, since he flipped on Tyler and Christmas and got them on the block. Later, he talks to Tyler, and tries to make him think he’s still on his side.

Christmas talks to Cody, and says she’s not taking the nomination personally (even though she starts to cry while talking to him). In the DR, she says maybe if she cries Cody will see Tyler as a bigger target. Odd logic? In the DR Cody says her crying changes nothing.

Memphis and Tyler talk about their respective parents and how their fathers both passed away; Memphis says he processed the grief from losing his father when he had a son. He tells Tyler he wonders what his dad would think of Big Brother; Tyler says he watched the show with his father. Tyler gets emotional in the DR thinking about his connection to his father and Big Brother; it seems to motivate him to play harder to stay in the house.

Christmas asks Memphis what the odds are of Enzo going up on the block as a replacement; she says she thinks Cody will put Memphis up next to her if Tyler comes down. In the DR Memphis says he’s sure he’s not going up because of his deal with Cody…

In the DR, Tyler says Enzo is his only option for someone to turn to; he tells Enzo about The Committee, and says they wanted Enzo evicted during the triple eviction. Tyler says he didn’t target Enzo and that’s why he’s still in the game; but in the DR, Enzo says he already knew about The Committee because Cody told him about it. Twist!! Tyler does his best, but Enzo isn’t buying it.

Enzo was baffled… but he wasn’t the only one

Everyone competes in the veto competition – “Snapshot Shuffle.” In the backyard, each player has to take big photos of evicted houseguests and put them in chronological order, with a maximum time of 25 minutes. They have to look at each picture and look for clues as to which came earlier in a fictional day at a baseball game: Bayleigh has a hot dog in various states of being eaten, Keesha has a glass of beer in various states of being drunk, Da’Vonne has a box of popcorn that’s all over the place, etc.

All the houseguests have trouble, but Cody and Christmas seem to be better than the others. When the results are revealed, Christmas put the photos in order in about 12 minutes, Tyler and Enzo timed out, Cody finished in about 5 minutes (!), Nicole in about 7 minutes, and Memphis in about 8 minutes. So Cody wins the golden power of veto!

In the HoH room after the comp, Enzo tells Cody that Tyler told him about The Committee; Cody says he wasn’t targeting Tyler, but after that, he may have to rethink things. Later, Cody and Enzo have a conversation about the origins of certain phrases (I didn’t catch the nonsense they were talking, personally), much to Nicole’s delight.

Tyler talks to Cody and tries to convince him to take him off the block and replace him with Memphis; Tyler basically says if he goes, Cody is the next biggest target.

At the veto meeting, Cody (of course) doesn’t use the veto, and either Tyler or Christmas will be the next all star to join the jury. I think Cody was right to target Christmas before Tyler, because at least Tyler has a good relationship with Cody, and Tyler will be a vote against Memphis. With so few people left in the house, though, one vote could flip things again – we’ll just have to see what Enzo decides to do on Thursday night! M

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