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Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 9 Nominations

After the first ever triple eviction from the Big Brother house, The Committee will finally have to start turning on each other, and maybe this game can finally kick into a higher gear.

Memphis starts things off by saying The Committee officially came to an end with Dani’s eviction. Nicole is extremely relieved but also scared about losing an ally in Dani. On the other end of the spectrum, Christmas is thrilled to have survived the triple eviction.

We then see what happened (quite a lot!) leading up to and in between all the competitions for the triple eviction: Memphis didn’t meet with anyone, and nominated Nicole and David. Later, after she wins the veto, he tells Christmas not to change the nominations.

Christmas talks to Tyler, who doesn’t want to vote out David; Tyler wants to take a shot at Nicole, but Christmas decides not to use the veto. Christmas, Enzo and Tyler discuss flipping the vote to evict Nicole, but don’t want to make Memphis angry; Christmas and Tyler vote for Nicole, but Enzo flips his flip and votes out David. Nicole gets angry about getting two votes and pulls Enzo aside to ask him if anyone tried to get him to vote her out; he immediately throws Christmas and Tyler under the bus and tells Nicole they voted for her.

In the DR, Enzo says he didn’t want to evict Nicole (because she is close with Cody) and now Nicole owes him, so it was the best move for his game. Ultimately, he might be right, but it’s terrible that he could have evicted her and didn’t, especially with all his “MAKE SOME MOVES” talk…

Dani tells Nicole that Christmas and Tyler have a final two deal, and Christmas realizes there’s now a target on her back. Tyler gets upset and in the DR says it’s the first time he’s ever been on the wrong side of a vote, so he needs to win HoH. When he does, nominates Dani and Nicole to get one of them out.

After Tyler wins the veto, he tells Nicole that Dani is his target. Cody tells Dani he’s voting to keep her, but he’s obviously closer to Nicole. Enzo says the same, and then schemes with Cody to get Tyler and Christmas on the block together.

After Dani is voted out, Tyler talks to Nicole again and apologizes; in the DR Nicole says she doesn’t believe anything Tyler says, and she has to win the next HoH competition.

Yoga has never been so stressful

Tyler hosts the competition – “Namaste Off the Block” – in the “BB Yoga Studio.” The 5 houseguests competing have to dress in costumes then press 3 buttons (and keep them pressed) as they undress out of the costumes. If they let go of 1 button, their clocks will run 10x as fast; letting go of 2 buttons will make the clock run 30x as fast, and letting go of all 3 will make it run 60x as fast. Whoever has the most time on their clock after each round will be eliminated.

Christmas is eliminated first, then Nicole, and then Enzo, leaving Cody and Memphis competing for the title. Cody pulls out the win, and Tyler and Christmas are (rightfully) worried that they’re going up on the block.

Later, Cody tells Enzo he’s going to put up Tyler and Christmas; if one of them wins the veto, he’ll put up Memphis. Memphis tells Christmas not to worry because Nicole is on everyone’s radar and Tyler is a real threat.

It’s like, you know

Christmas has an excruciating conversation with Cody, in which Cody says “like” 34 times (it’s Big Brother – you can bet there was a “Like” counter). In a later conversation, Christmas also says “like” a ton of times #JustSaying.

In the DR, Nicole says that there’s a clear line between the final six: Memphis, Christmas and Tyler vs. Nicole, Enzo and Cody. Later, in the DR and when talking to Cody, Enzo says he needs Nicole to do something in the game.

Tyler tries to smooth things over with Cody for flipping and voting for David; in the DR he says he’ll even flip and cut Christmas loose (!) to stay in the game. Cody tells Tyler he loves him and he won’t let Tyler go home on his HoH.

Christmas also talks to Cody, but this doesn’t do anything to dissuade Cody; he ultimately nominates Tyler and Christmas for eviction.

Three (or four) weeks too late, but now the players are working to break up some duos and alliances in the house. Since The Committee is over, things may start to get interesting. Tyler or Christmas could actually win the veto, and Cody would have to put up Memphis – and there’s a good argument for getting him out of the house before either Tyler or Christmas, because he’s arguably a bigger threat. It’s hard to root for any of these people at this point because the season’s been pretty boring, but I’m looking forward to seeing the jury members and their reactions Da’Vonne’s reactions to how these supposed all stars have been playing the game. M

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