Return of the Zing

All Stars! And David.

Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 7 POV

There’s a reason Big Brother contestants say “pawns go home.” With that in mind…

After the nominations, Da’Vonne says if David’s the target, she’s good with that! After an emotional conversation in which Kevin says he really appreciates Day,

Memphis chooses Tyler, Day choose Nicole with Houseguest Choice, and Kevin chooses Dani with Housegust Choice. In the DR, David says both Day and Kevin got houseguest choice and didn’t choose him, so that’s pretty much it. Tyler is also suspicious that Nicole and Dani were chosen, since he thinks they’re working with Day.

Dani tells Nicole they either need to lose the veto or use it on Day; Memphis tells Nicole, Tyler, and Dani to just throw the comp so he can back door David. Tyler and Dani both aren’t down with Memphis’ plan. Memphis later tells Day and Kevin about his plan; in the DR Day says she doesn’t trust any of these people so she’s going to fight to win.

In the DR, Tyler says David is by himself, so why back door him, if he’s a potential number? Tyler talks to Cody and he agrees back-dooring David shouldn’t be high on the priority list.

Now with 40% more Zing

The houseguests get a rude awakening in the form of Zingbot… dressed as Tiger King? Sure, why not. His zings, as per usual, were pretty lame – but on point: David is not an All Star. Cody isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed. Kevin is boring. Nicole is whiny.

Anyway, the POV comp is set in Zingbot’s zoo. The houseguests must race inside a hedge maze and return stuffed animals to their respective cages; whoever does this the fastest wins the veto. After the comp, the person who “sucked the least” (Zingbot’s words) was Tyler, with a nice and speedy time of 2:55.

Memphis tells Day and Kevin they’re probably fine, but he’ll talk to Tyler. When they do talk, Tyler says he’s not really on board with Memphis’ plan; he explains why David isn’t a threat, but Nicole, Dani and Day are. #Obviously!

At the veto meeting, Day says she’s not going to ask Tyler to use the veto, and he in fact does not use it.

So either Day or Kevin will be evicted on Thursday, and Tyler actually made a proper move in the game! In my mind this puts a huge target on Day because Kevin has been floating along all season. Christmas says she’s not going to use her special power to help either nominee, so I have a sneaking suspicion Day will be seeing Ian later this week – and the house will, unfortunately, get 100% less funny. M

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