Like a Good Neighbor, Da’Vonne Was There

Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 7 Evictions

Now that Zingbot’s had his fun, time to get back to the game! Who will be evicted: Da’Vonne or Kevin?

Tyler is determined to break up some side alliances, and Memphis and Christmas are starting to see his point of view…

Dani says she really wants Day to stay in the house, but she doesn’t know if she has the votes to keep her. Day says she’s not campaigning to stay because she doesn’t want to give anyone the satisfaction. Day tells Dani (in front of fellow nominee Kevin!) she’s going to ask Christmas and David what they’re thinking and maybe she’ll have the votes to stay.

Kevin talks to Memphis and Memphis basically tells him he’s safe. Later, Kevin tells Day that he thinks it was Nicole who flipped the vote on Ian. #Correct! Day doesn’t think it’s the case, but goes to ask Nicole about it. Nicole lies (again) and tells Day she voted to keep Ian; Day trusts her more than David so she believes her. Nicole, to herself, says she has “to tell her.”

Memphis talks Enzo into getting into 2 final 3 alliances; one with Cody (“Wise Guys 1”) and one with Christmas (“Wise Guys 2”). Interesting?

Dani talks to Christmas about keeping Day, but Christmas wants to break up a potential Dani/Nicole/Day alliance. Christmas then talks to Memphis and she suggests using David to take out other people in The Committee by offering him safety for the next 2 weeks. Honestly, this is a pretty smart move to make. Later, Christmas talks to David and feels out the situation. She says she knows David voted to keep Ian, and they seemingly make a deal to work together (with a pinkie swear).

At the eviction ceremony, Da’Vonne gave a lengthy (and great!) speech about the black women who came before her in the BB house, and says she strives to see someone who looks like her in the group of people who have won the game. Ultimately and unfortunately, though, Day is evicted by a vote of 5 to 2.

In her exit interview, Day says she’s relieved because she was sick of those people. Understandable! She says they chose to keep Kevin because he can be used, while she can’t. In the goodbye messages, she learns about The Committee, and Nicole finally comes clean about voting out Ian. Day says she knew about all the alliances, but was shocked about Nicole. She says she doesn’t know how to feel about Nicole, because Day asked her personally about David’s vote, and she lied to her. She wants a margarita on the way to the jury house, and after the time she’s had, she certainly needs one! So no more DR shenanigans, or hearing “Julie girl,” when voting; Day has left the building, and this season got much less entertaining.

After the eviction, Julie calls the houseguests to the living room to unleash the latest twist. In the neighboring house, outside above the backyard, Dr. Will Kirby (!) comes out in a bathrobe and tells the houseguests that for the next HOH and veto competitions, the houseguests can either choose power or money… will this shake up the game? Possibly? Or maybe some houseguests will become a little richer.

Probably more interesting is the fact that next Thursday will be a triple eviction (the game’s first?), and Otev will make his triumphant return this week. Here’s hoping to expect something unexpected with all these developments! M

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