Otev’s Groovy Veto

Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 8 Veto

The nominations were predictable, but it’s finally time for Otev! Will the POV shake things up?

After Kevin somehow made himself a bigger nuisance to Cody, Cody put him up for eviction – for the 5th time!

Dani tells Nicole she wants to play in the veto for the prizes; but if she managed to throw it to Kevin or David, she wouldn’t be upset if Christmas was the replacement nominee. In the DR, Nicole says she doesn’t want Christmas to go home, and doesn’t want to go along with plans that will help Dani but hurt her. Logical!

Christmas and Memphis are chatting, and Memphis says no amount of money will keep him from winning the game; Christmas says the same. She says if the veto is used, she could go up. In the DR, she says even though she and Cody are in The Committee, she’s not especially close to Cody.

Kevin tells David that he thinks David’s safe, and they chat. Enzo comes in as Kevin leaves, and tells David that the house is going to get crazy; he says he’s “with” him and Kevin. In the DR, Enzo says he doesn’t want to get rid of either nominee, and it’s time to make some moves. You think? This is All Stars – do something!

Later, Kevin talks about his background to David; he is half black and Japanese, so he doesn’t identify with either group. David tells him to just be “Kevin Campbell.” Great advice! However, this segment seemed oddly placed to me – it seemed like were just trying to shoehorn “an issue” into the episode. #Shrug.

Nicole and Christmas chat, and Nicole says she has Christmas’ back; this gets Christmas thinking… she asks Nicole “is it Dani?” and Nicole confirms. In the DR, Nicole says she needs to start looking after herself, like Dani is. Christmas says she has Nicole’s back, and in the DR she says she’s not afraid to take a shot at Dani.

In the HoH room, Dani, Christmas, Memphis and Cody discuss what people from different states are called. Cody has never heard of any of this, apparently. He didn’t know people from Florida were called Floridians, apparently? The point it, Zingbot was correct. Trust the Zing.

Choosing players for the veto, Cody chooses Nicole, and Kevin chooses Tyler (who legit always gets picked). David wants to pick Enzo, and gets Houseguest Choice, so he chooses Enzo. Christmas gets annoyed at not being picked and says “Call me if I’m a replacement nominee,” tipping her hand that she knows that’s a possibility…

In the HoH room, Enzo talks to Cody and Memphis and they “agree” that Kevin needs to go home. But Enzo’s plan is to put a bigger threat on the block. In the DR he says he can’t even remember the names of all the alliances he’s in!

Otev threw a rave over at Dr. Will’s next door. Really!

It’s Otev time, and this year he’s a … stoner psychedelic salamander! As per usual, Otev asks the houseguests questions, and they have to run through the backyard and find the correct answer; whoever answers last is eliminated in each round, musical chairs style. This year, the answers to the questions are on tie-dye T-shirts, and one shirt is worth $10,000! If the houseguest chooses the money, he/she will be ineligible for the veto.

In the first round (!), David finds the money shirt and takes the $10,000 – confounding all the houseguests (and me!) – and is eliminated.

Tyler is eliminated in round 2, but manages to find and keep an inflatable cow which he names Moo-lan. You can’t make this stuff up, people.

Kevin and Cody race for the finish in round 3, but Kevin is eliminated. Nicole is eliminated next, then Enzo, so Cody wins the Golden Power of Veto!

David’s just happy he won the money, since Cody said Kevin’s his target. But the houseguests’ feathers are all ruffled that David took the money, and Enzo tells Cody they may just have to send David home. Cody asks David what his deal is and tells him to lay low, because he really wants Kevin evicted.

At the veto meeting, Cody decides not to use the power of veto, so Kevin and David remain on the block and someone’s game will come to an end.

But that’s not all – there will also be two other people going home in a TRIPLE eviction! Though this season has been a bit of a snooze, maybe tomorrow’s extra evictions will force these “all-stars” to take some risky shots at some high profile targets. M

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