Here We Go Again

Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 7 HoH and Nominations

It’s week 7 in the BB house! Who will seize power (from The Committee) and who will the new HoH (from The Committee) put on the block?

Before the eviction, David tells Ian he’ll vote to keep him in order to make Dani break a tie, and Ian relays this to Da’Vonne. Day thinks she, Kevin, David and Nicole will vote to keep Ian, not knowing Nicole won’t actually go against Dani…

No one really trusts David, who really seems to be making a move to expose Dani’s allegiance(s). Kevin tells Dani about David’s plan and she tells him if there’s a tie she’ll vote Tyler out; she gets angry that David is coming for her.

Dani knows Nicole is voting for Ian, so she plans to make David take the fall for Nicole’s vote and make him ‘public enemy number 1.’

At the fire hydrant-building HoH comp, David, Tyler, and Memphis seem to be doing well. After not tightening up his puzzle and ringing in, Memphis pushes his pieces closer together and rings in to win the comp and become the new HoH. He seems like he’s going to go after David (again), and David thinks as much (again).

After the comp, Day is angry that someone flipped a vote, and she thinks it’s David (without any encouragement from anyone). Dani and Nicole are happy they’re on Day’s good side; Kevin says he also thinks David is lying when he tells Kevin he was ‘duped’ in the vote.

Later, Day asks David about the vote and he says he didn’t flip, but she doesn’t believe him. Nicole straight up lies to Day about her vote, as David gets angry (and loud) about his game.

David says he thinks Nicole and Dani are working together and correctly guesses they’re pinning the flipped vote on him. Kevin thinks there’s a (5%) possibility Nicole was the one who flipped.

Memphis calls everyone to the living room for the have-not transfer – on taco night! Day pics Christmas and David picks Cody – and both are very unhappy.

Memphis plans to back door David to get him out of the house; he tells David if he agrees to keep his nominees the same if he plays and wins the veto, he’ll keep him off the block. He tells David he has ‘other plans’ for this week, so David agrees, but in the DR wonders about a back door…

At the nomination ceremony, Memphis nominates Day and Kevin; he says it was a no brainier because they used the veto last week. In the DR, David says he’s going to play to win if he’s picked for the veto comp.

So it may all come down to the veto! Whoever wins will have to take someone down so Memphis can carry out his plan to back door David. If David wins, this may be another ‘collateral damage’ week in the BB house! M

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