A Familiar Face in the Nick of Time

Below Deck Mediterranean | Bravo | Season 5 Episode 13: Welcome Back

Previously on Below Deck Med, Hannah got fired! That’s really all we need to know, right?

Picking up where we actually left off, Bugsy throws out some potatoes and Tom goes a little nuts. He’s very frustrated, cursing up a storm, as he prepares the rest of dinner, and of course, the cake that was thrust upon him. At least the guests seem to like the rest of the meal? Sandy finally seems happy with her chef, at least. Tom makes the cake, but complains about ‘being a circus monkey’ when they go sing happy birthday to one of the charter guests.

Rob and Jess talk about Bali, and they’re getting a little sickening. #NotJealous.

After dinner, Tom calms down and Malia tells him he was amazing, for having just been thrown into this situation. It’s true; he really did smash it with that cake, and things can only get better from here once he’s got a rhythm going…

The next day, Bugsy says she’s got a lot to handle with only a staff of one; Tom kills breakfast and the guests are really happy. Bugsy and Tom discuss the guests’ beach lunch. I personally hate eating outside and beaches, so this is my worst nightmare, and I can’t imagine how annoying it is to set things up – even after watching so many season of Below Deck.

Bugsy, Alex and Pete go setup the beach lunch; after a shrimp cocktail mishap, the crew gets Tom’s delicious-looking food over to the beach. The guests again seem happy. Some guests go back to the yacht, while others pose naked and take pictures on the rocks. Is this a normal thing to do? When in Spain, I guess.

Alex and Bugsy continue flirting, and they’re getting a little sickening. #StillNotJealous.

Malia’s having issues with the deck crew; they don’t seem to be listening to her and she’s getting fed up. She already seems to be spending a lot of time in the galley with Tom, trying to keep him from melting down. She calls the deck crew fu**ers because they didn’t listen to her; in the crew mess, Rob asks Malia why she’s angry with him, and tells her he’s upset she called him that name. Sandy is sitting there for this, and gives her 2 cents (insubordination isn’t cool); Rob moves on, but complains to Jess.

After a belly dancer performance, some guests are unhappy with their dinner; they say the chicken is pink and under cooked. Bugsy returns the chicken (which Tom says is fully cooked – it sure looks like it!), and Tom cooks it some more. Alex, at Bugsy’s request, joins the belly dancer for round 2; he gets shirtless and Bugsy drapes some fabric around him. He dances with the belly dancer to put on a show for the guests, and they seem to appreciate it.

The charter guests notice the interior crew seems to be down a person, and the crew does seemed to be stretched to its absolute limit. Right on cue, Sandy complains to Jess that laundry is piled up, and tells Bugsy “it should never be” like this. Not sure what she expects when the whole crew is helping run food and clean cabins, but okay!

On the last day of charter, Bugsy has never heard of huevos rancheros – the absolute best breakfast, anywhere, really – and mispronounces it a bunch of times (love those cheeky editors with their subtitles!). As the guests leave, they seem to be really happy with everything. They leave the crew $20,500 and Sandy seems happy with the team. She lets them know they are getting a second stew for the next charter, which will be in Ibiza (and the charter guest is a returning Johnny Damon)!

Jess gets her finger splint taken off, and while she’s off the boat the crew discusses Rob wanting to surprise her with the fact he’s changed his plans (and flight to Jess’ flight) to join her in Bali. Busgy comes up with an elaborate set of notes to lead Jess around the boat to end up on deck, where Rob is waiting.

After 5 (!) notes, Jess finally finds Rob and this is all now very sickening. #NotAtAllJealous.

Five hours before the next charter, the new second stew arrives, and it’s Aesha Scott from season 4! Now that they have a full crew, what could possibly go wrong?! From the preview of next week, lots!

Stray Thoughts

  • Jess complains that whenever she and Rob are together they get interrupted. It’s almost like they’re not getting paid to hook up… weird!

  • Having Tom on the boat is definitely pulling Malia’s focus; she seems extra annoyed at everything. Rob did the right thing confronting her about her management style – if my boss called me that I’d be upset and want to discuss it, too – but ultimately she can’t manage her team and help Tom for every meal.

  • I liked Aesha last season and think she’ll bring a great energy to the interior team. Bugsy is hyper and Jess is the polar opposite of hyper, so if Aesha can take some work from both of them, they’ll hopefully calm down a bit. M

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