Hoping for a Home Run

Below Deck Mediterranean | Bravo | Season 5 Episode 14: Whole New Ballgame

Aesha Scott is back, so The Wellington has a new second stew, and it’s off to Ibiza! Sandy introduces Aesha to everyone, and in a confessional Aesha says she knows Hannah’s not there anymore but no one wants to discuss the situation. Probably better that way! Aesha has such a sunny attitude (about everything), and hugs everyone on the crew; she’s also excited that her first charter will be with the Damons.

Bugsy tells Aesha she loves her attitude then fills her in on what’s been going on. Aesha says she and Hannah are close so she’s heard about Bugsy, but she’ll make her own assessment. I forgot that Aesha and Jack were last season’s Rob and Jess! Aesha reports they’re not still together. #NotShocking.

After a tight squeeze into the dock (with a huge audience of people, by the way), Sandy tells Malia she did a great job; Tom says the same in their cabin. Malia, no matter what else, is extremely good at her job.

Johnny and Michelle Damon, along with their guests, arrive and Sandy ominously tells them they want to “make it up to them [especially] in the food department.” Be careful what you promise, there, Cap!

Adena, a drunk guest, falls over with her glass and gets cut; Malia comes over and gives her a Band Aid. Crisis averted! Apparently she does this kind of thing – the Damons tell Aesha that she broke some of their wedding wine glasses! Aesha also mentions Adena was on a charter last season, too, but with the Queen of Versailles. She apparently really likes the Med, and alcohol!

Bugsy says Aesha is already doing great and things are just working. Be careful what you say, there, Chief!

Tom says he ‘has to be perfect’, so… no pressure. His first meal goes really well, and the guests say the food is already better than last season, right off the bat. Tom says he knows nothing about baseball, but creates a baseball theme (complete with a baseball dessert), and the guests enjoy everything. Tom, no matter what else, is extremely good at his job (so far!).

In a confessional Rob says his ex-girlfriend reached out to him, and he doesn’t know how to tell Jess. He eventually tells Jess about it, and she says she doesn’t care. Later, Jess and Rob text and he asks her not to make “[the situation] about herself.” Alex tells Jess she should see both sides and try to be understanding; Jess doesn’t want to hear it, and says Rob should “block the bitch.” Logical, I guess? Jess tells Rob “Demon Jess” can emerge every so often, and in a confessional admits that she “destroyed [an ex’s] new house.” Something tells me she’s not speaking metaphorically; I can imagine Jess ramming a car into this dude’s living room.

Bugsy throws a funky neon dinner party, complete with colored tutus for the stews. Some of the guests wear neon, others put face paint on, and I really have no idea what this was supposed to be, honestly. Johnny tells Sandy his food wasn’t piping hot, and Sandy runs to Tom to make sure Johnny’s food is like magma. In the madness of trying to keep the food at volcano-levels of heat, Bugsy drops a cloche that was covering a plate to keep it like the surface of the sun. She, Malia and Sandy are all running around and Bugsy says “Tom will freak” if she brings it back, and in a confessional, Tom says he’ll freak if it comes back. Malia runs to tell Tom that Bugsy dropped a plate, and he goes into action to prepare another. The guests enjoy dinner, and Sandy says Tom recovered nicely.

The guests, Pete (remember him?) and Aesha go to an end of season party ashore, which Aesha describes as a “weird drunken circus.” She’s not wrong! In the meantime, Sandy tells the crew to play with the water toys while the guests are away, and they happily do. After jet-skiing, Jess says her heart’s beating really fast, and she sits on the swim platform to rest; Malia tends to her and calls Captain Sandy as the episode ends (she’s in the preview for the next episode, so I’m guessing she’s just fine).

Stray Thoughts

  • Jess, for some reason, is salty about not being promoted to second stew. Maybe it’s because she lets laundry pile up, hooks up with Rob all day and complains when people ask her to work?

  • The guests use the water toys, but are terrified of the 1 (?) jellyfish swimming somewhere (?) near the boat. No one gets stung, obviously. Nice try, editors.

  • Jess begrudgingly admits things have been easier since Bugsy took over as chief stew. Imagine!

  • On a jet-ski, Alex tells Bugsy he’s just happy she’s there. Aren’t we all?! M

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