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Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 4

It’s another week of Big Brother! In the first Janelle-less week, Kaysar is public enemy number 1, Kevin is the number 1 pawn, and for an All Stars season, this has been a complete snooze.

HOH and Nominations

In the first round of the HOH comp, Kaysar sinks his 3 balls and is the first to advance. Enzo eventually follows, then David (!), eliminating Nicole, Da’Vonne and Ian.

The Meow Meow in action

In round 2, Dani is the first to advance, followed by Kevin (!) and Cody, eliminating Memphis, Christmas and Bayleigh. Christmas came close a bunch of times, but couldn’t pull it off.

In the final round, Cody, Dani, David, Kevin, Enzo and Kaysar face off. Kaysar sinks 2 balls pretty quickly, much to everyone’s horror. It seems Kaysar is poised to win… until Enzo sinks his third ball and takes it! In the DR he says “I’m here to cause chaos and win this thing.” So his noms should be interesting?

Dani tells Cody that Bayleigh must have voted against the house; we learn Dani asked Cody to throw votes to Kaysar to shake things up. When she tells him it was Bayleigh, he’s not convinced. Everyone discusses the hinky votes and Dani continues trying to convince everyone it was Bayleigh who voted to keep Janelle. Cody and Enzo compare notes and think Dani voted against the house.

Kaysar and Da’Vonne discuss race, and how their journeys are similar. It’s nice to see Big Brother airing these conversations, in light of what’s going on in America; maybe it will expose people to some new ideas and do some good. This deep stuff is followed by the have-not transfer! Tyler, Da’Vonne and Dani are chosen as have-nots for the week. Do we care about have-nots anymore? I feel like BB doesn’t devote any time to them, or Slop TM, or the have-not room…

Apparently Dani and Nicole are super close; who knew?! I feel like Nicole hasn’t been around much, but good to know these two ladies at least have each other, I guess?

Enzo says he’s probably going to nominate Kaysar and a pawn. Kaysar comes to talk to Enzo, but afterwards (to no one but the camera) Enzo says he can’t trust Kaysar because Kaysar hasn’t spoken to him at all about the game.

Christmas gets plushy babies 10 – 12 and this punishment has officially become severely annoying run its course. She and Enzo team up, officially; they discuss the others: Ian as a big threat, Kevin as a floater, David as a big old question mark, and Dani and Nicole as buddies.

At the nomination ceremony, Enzo nominates Kaysar and Kevin, who perpetually looks like he’s on the verge of a mental breakdown. In the DR, Kevin asks why he’s “continually being nominated” and whines a bit (note: you weren’t nominated last week, dude); in the DR, Enzo says Kevin is just a pawn.


After the nomination ceremony, Kevin continues to whine in the DR but goes to talk to Enzo. Enzo tells him he’s just a pawn, and he’s sorry… (For what?! This is Big Brother. All Stars!)

Kaysar talks to Enzo (again), and Enzo says he’s not trying to ruffle feathers in nominating Kaysar. Kaysar says he may potentially want to work with Enzo, not knowing about the hundreds of alliances going on. Enzo yeses Kaysar to death, but in the DR says he’s still the target.

Ian tells Enzo if he plays and wins the veto, he’ll ask Enzo what he wants to happen. Clearly, Ian’s buddying up to Enzo as to not be a potential replacement nominee, unaware he’s already on Enzo’s radar. Enzo tells Cody putting Ian up would be a power move; he wants to either evict Kaysar or “a big person” in the house.

Memphis and Kaysar put on a show where they guess the current news headlines. Apparently they’re not even able to have paper and pens in the BB house? Huh. Who knew?

David and Kevin decide as outsiders they could help each other; David would potentially save Kevin if he wins the veto. The players are drawn: Enzo chooses Tyler (4th time in a row he’s been chosen!), Kaysar chooses Bayleigh, and Kevin chooses David with Houseguest Choice. Kaysar talks to Bayleigh, unaware of the hundreds of alliances going on; the conversation doesn’t go well for Kaysar, as expected.

Kevin, Tyler and Bayleigh get ready

Memphis hosts the Puppet Master POV competition, which is an endurance comp! The houseguests have to hold on for dear life as they are hoisted into the air on ropes, like marionettes.

After about 12 minutes, Kaysar is the first to fall, as the houseguests are pelted with colored goo over and over again. Enzo follows, then Tyler. Bayleigh seems solid… until she loses a rope and can’t recover. David and Kevin are holding on, and Kevin makes an impressive recovery after losing a rope. David falls, and Kevin wins the veto. Kevin cries in the DR again.

Kaysar says with Kevin’s win there’s a ray of hope for him, and he talks to Ian, who is now getting anxious about being the replacement. Enzo talks to Nicole and Cody, and Nicole nods and agrees with them about Ian being a threat, but in the DR says she doesn’t want Ian evicted. Cody mentions how it’s weird that no one mentions Nicole [as a threat – because she’s won Big Brother already too!].

To solidify their partnership and throw the house off their scent, Christmas offers to go up as a pawn for Enzo, but Enzo isn’t convinced. Dani tells Tyler, in front of Nicole, they (the Slick Six) need to ‘have a meeting’. Nicole isn’t in the Slick Six, so Tyler is confused… he explains what happened to Enzo, unaware Dani is close with Nicole and the hundreds of alliances going on. Tyler and Enzo discuss the replacement nominee – either Christmas as a pawn, Ian as a threat, or Dani as a back-door.

At the veto ceremony, Kevin takes himself off the block, and Enzo plays it safe and puts Christmas up for eviction.


Kaysar appeals to Memphis, still unaware Memphis is working with half the house. Enzo and Cody discuss Dani, and Enzo says he’s done with her. Cody then tells Enzo about the Slick Six, and in the DR Enzo says doesn’t care; he says “he’s in 3 alliances too.” Everyone seemingly turns on Dani; Enzo, Cody, Tyler, Da’Vonne and Bayleigh all talk about Dani and how she’s playing all sides.

Kevin and Ian discuss the rest of the house, and Ian says Kaysar told him about the big alliance. Ian talks to Bayleigh about who’s running the house; Bay says Dani and Ian says Cody. Later, Ian tells Kevin that Kaysar has nothing to lose and can blow up the house to expose alliances. Ian talks to Kaysar and (correctly) guesses there are many, many alliances. Ian no longer trusts Nicole, and he and Kaysar discuss how everything is being run by Nicole and Cody. Kaysar says he considers blowing things up because it would be fun.

For their eviction speeches, Christmas gives a little poem, while Kaysar does indeed try to blow things up by exposing alliances. He says Cody and Nicole are running the game, Cody is in an alliance with Dani and Nicole, and Tyler, Enzo and David are in another alliance. In a unanimous vote, Kaysar is voted out, as expected.

Julie confirms some of Kaysar’s suspicions about the alliances, and lets him know Memphis was not his buddy; Kaysar is clearly shocked by the info. Kaysar tells Julie that he didn’t come back to play for the money, but he was trying to make a difference by discussing the pain and division going on.

You know, the usual weirdness

For the HOH comp, the houseguests have to face off, looking at pictures of the houseguests run through filters, and answer “More, Exactly or Less.” After a bunch of rounds, Da’Vonne faces Christmas in the final round. Da’Vonne rings in incorrectly and is eliminated, so Christmas goes from being on the block to being the new HOH!

Julie lets us know that the BB basement will be opening, an entire competition will be played in the dark and 3 new powers will be unleashed into the house.

Hopefully these new powers will stir things up a bit and flip things around because watching a huge alliance run things hasn’t made for an exciting season of Big Brother. With Kaysar and Janelle gone, the alliance has to turn on itself at some point – and these guys should be kicking themselves for not making big moves every single week. M

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