Tempers, Tension, and Tyler

Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 5

It’s day 30 and Christmas (jingle jingle) is HOH this week! Will we finally get some excitement in the BB house? There’s a new twist with new powers; we’ll see if the old players will take advantage of them…


In the DR Christmas says she wants to make some moves this week and show her alliance what she’s made of. Da’Vonne says if she would have won she had the ammunition needed to put Nicole and Dani on the block; Cody says he has to do a lot of damage control due to Kaysar’s speech. In the DR Enzo says Christmas went up on the block for him, but hopes she doesn’t expect that from him in return. Tyler, Bayleigh and Da’Vonne talk about the HOH competition, and say the members of The Slick Six kept choosing people in the alliance to go head to head with each other. Da’Vonne basically says she’s confused about what they’re trying to do. Cody tries to explain to Da’Vonne what he was doing in that comp, and he says he screwed up. Da’Vonne says ‘now it’s war’ and she’s ready…

Christmas and Dani celebrate and talk about Da’Vonne and Bayleigh as potential nominees because Christmas is in an alliance (or friendly) with everyone else. Da’Vonne says she hasn’t really talked to Christmas, but tells her she’s not coming for her, either way; she says she’ll vote however Christmas wants. Enzo says he’s going to use Christmas as hit ‘pitbull’ to go after whoever he wants. Enzo says Da’Vonne, Nicole, and Bayleigh are emotional players who need to go.

Christmas calls the houseguests together and describes the BB Basement twist. Three brand new powers will be awarded, but no one will know who wins them. The basement is completely dark, and the houseguests must find foam shapes and put them in their podiums. There are decoy shapes and all the houseguests are in the room at the same time, so it’s pretty chaotic. There’s goo, packing peanuts, hanging weight bags, and boxes everywhere and the houseguests continually fall (and even lose clothes). David finds the first power – the Disruptor – with a lightning bolt foam piece. Dani finds the second power – Replay – with a replay icon foam piece. Christmas finds the third power – Blocker – with a hand foam piece.

Christmas tells Tyler (with whom she has a final 2 deal!) that she got one of the powers. She learns the Blocker will prevent herself or another houseguest from being a replacement nominee at the veto meeting. She must declare she’s using the Blocker after the veto has been used but before the HOH names the next replacement. It can be used at the next 3 veto meetings.

Dani tells Nicole she got a power and learns the Replay power allows the HOH to play in back to back HOH competitions; she can use it for herself or for someone else for the next 2 HOH comps.

David learns the Disruptor power can save a nominee and force the HOH to name a new one; this can be used following the next 3 nomination ceremonies. He can use it on himself or anyone else.

Bayleigh tells Dani someone (Tyler!) told her Dani was coming after Bay and Day. Enzo confirms this and Dani gets angry. Dani goes to Christmas to vent, and in the DR Christmas says she can’t really put Bayleigh up because it will look like she’s on Dani’s side. Tyler says telling Bay and Day about Dani is coming back to bite him now.

At the nomination ceremony, Christmas nominates Bayleigh and Da’Vonne; she says she nominated Da’Vonne because she is Bayleigh’s ‘untouchable’. In the DR, a teary Christmas says she had to make this game move because there was no other option. In the DR, David says he could use his power, and Day says she’s determined to win the veto.


All the houseguests are talking after the nominations; Dani tells Da’Vonne she never spoke against her and Bayleigh. Da’Vonne tells Dani it was Tyler who told them about Dani, and Dani comes up with a plan to potentially backdoor Tyler by throwing the veto competition to Da’Vonne… David says he will not use his Disruptor power because he wants to save it for himself.

For the veto, Christmas chooses Nicole, Da’Vonne chooses Dani, and Bayleigh chooses Ian. Ian hasn’t slept (for 2 days?!) and isn’t feeling well, so he goes to see the medic and doesn’t participate.

In the competition, the houseguests have to race to push a button when they see an equation on a big screen that totals 13. This comp has prizes that can be stolen: the veto, $5,000, a slop-unitard, a ‘never-be-a-have-not’ pass, and a punishment involving a treadmill.

Dani doesn’t get a chance to throw the comp, as Da’Vonne is eliminated first – then Bayleigh, Dani, and Nicole; Christmas wins the competition. Nicole gives Da’Vonne $5,000 in exchange for wearing a slop-unitard. Christmas gets a punishment as first place winner, and exchanges it for the Veto from Bayleigh.

Ian tells Nicole he just needs rest and food and will be okay; afterwards, Nicole goes to get her punishment unitard. It’s a box of “Sloppies”

Tyler says he’s not having fun playing this game and that it’s too much pressure; Dani and Cody comment that he’s losing weight. In the DR he says ‘something’s not right,” and that he’s the cause for a lot of the stress in the house. He goes to the have not room and talks with Day and Bay and basically apologizes for being the reason they’re on the block. He says he’s going to ask Christmas to take one of them down so that he can go up.

Tyler talks to Christmas and tells her both Bay and Day deserve to stay there more than he does; she tells him backdooring him isn’t good for her game and that she’ll ‘do what she wants’ with regards to the veto.

Day talks to Christmas and tries to get her to backdoor Tyler, but Christmas doesn’t think she can trade Tyler for Bayleigh. Da’Vonne says Bayleigh wants to go after Tyler, and Christmas later relays this to Tyler to sway him to staying in the house. Because of this, Tyler starts to have second thoughts about his decision to help Bay and Day.

At the veto ceremony, Christmas does the predictable thing and doesn’t use the veto. Bayleigh (oddly) asks if they can share who Christmas’ ‘untouchable’ was, and Christmas says no. #Weird. In the DR, Bay calls Christmas and Tyler snakes, Christmas says she’s not going to do Tyler’s dirty work, Tyler says he has to refocus, and Day is sad to be sitting up there with Bay.


After the veto, Da’Vonne is incredulous, and Bayleigh thinks Tyler was lying to them about wanting to go up on the block. Bayleigh gets upset because she thinks it’s her fault that Day is on the block (which it kinda is).

Christmas and Day talk (again) and Christmas says she has nothing against Tyler, so she wouldn’t nominate him; she tells Day that Bay is the target. Tyler tells Day he’s going to make sure she stays and they (seemingly) are good with each other.

Cody is called to the DR; he finds a letter and immediately begins to cry. He learns his grandfather has passed away, on Labor Day, from cancer. The houseguests all support him.

Christmas talks to Dani about how Bayleigh is upset about being on the block, and Day overhears. She tells Christmas that Bayleigh feels betrayed by Christmas; they end up getting into a fight about gameplay and Day walks away. Day goes to the backyard and says she can’t react to Christmas because she’ll look crazy… Bay walks in on the end of the fight, and talks to Christmas about the situation; this ends up in a fight, and the ladies can’t communicate so Christmas storms off, clapping loudly, for some reason (?) and goes into the HOH room.

In the DR Day says she gave the houseguests what they wanted – she blew up, and now she’s going home. Christmas comes back downstairs and the three ladies start arguing again. Day says Christmas wanted to provoke her, and now she’s provoked.

So to sum up (I think?): Bay told Christmas that Tyler said Christmas’ alliance was coming after Bay and Day; Christmas told Tyler this, and Tyler felt guilty. Tyler told Bay and Day he’d offer himself up for eviction, and he did. Christmas didn’t take him up on his offer, and Bay took this personally. When Day tried to explain this to Christmas, all hell broke loose. Christmas thinks Bayleigh is mad because she wants Christmas to go after Tyler (for Bayleigh) and ‘do her dirty work.’ #Tired.

Day and Bay #BFFs

At the eviction ceremony, the vote is unanimous to evict Bayleigh. In her eviction interview, Julie tells Bay about the alliances, and that Tyler was Christmas’ ‘untouchable.’ Bay says she and Tyler spoke, and all the drama between them will be left in the house, and they (seemingly) are good with each other. Bye, Bay!

The HOH competition is The Wall endurance comp, and Julie lets them know the first 3 houseguests to fall will be have-nots for the week. Also, that there will be no battle-back, so they’ve (theoretically) made it to the jury!

Who will seize power and be the next HOH? Da’Vonne, if there’s any justice in this game! M

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