Give Them Liberty

The Boys | Amazon Prime Video | Season 2 Episode 4: Nothing Like it in the World

After failing to deliver Kenji to the CIA, a new lead sets The Boys in a few different directions. [It’s a recap, so spoilers follow].

Butcher and Becca

Butcher goes to the building that Stormfront demolished and meets with Mallory in front of a memorial wall. She gives him an envelope with a magazine clipping of Liberty, a Supe from the 70’s, and tells Butcher to have MM talk to her; an address in North Carolina is on the back. She also gives Butcher a possible address for Becca, even though he couldn’t deliver Kenji. Butcher is going after Becca alone, and he tells MM to find Liberty.

Reunited (finally)

At her house, Becca looks out a window and notices her car door is open; she goes out and finds Butcher in the back seat. She takes the car and they drive off to a bridge in the woods. Becca is happy to see him; he calls her his girl and she says ‘always’. She tells him about the one-time deal she made with Homelander: she says if Homelander killed Butcher, she’d kill herself in front of Ryan and her last words would be ‘your father did this to me’. Butcher says he’ll get her out of there; they kiss, and she goes back home.

After checking in on Ryan, Becca comes back to where she dropped off Butcher and they sleep together in her car; later she tells him they’ve been there since she gave birth. She says the arrangement is ‘ok’ and all that matters is that Ryan is happy; she says Butcher will love Ryan, but he doesn’t seem interested in the kid. He apologizes to her for ‘not being there’ and says he’s going to make it up to her.

The next day, Becca meets Butcher but tells him she’s not leaving. She says Butcher doesn’t want Ryan with them, and if the three of them leave, Butcher will find a way to get rid of Ryan. Butcher says Vought won’t just let Ryan go, but they could run away together. She says she has a son, but Butcher calls him a ‘Supe freak.’ Becca tells Butcher that when Homelander raped her, she didn’t go to Butcher because she knew all he would do is seek revenge. Butcher says he’s not leaving with her, but she hits an alarm and drives off…

Homelander and The Seven

Homelander watches Stormfront on the news; she is criticizing Vought and encouraging people to protest the company to stop more terrorist incidents from happening. Homelander flies to a secluded cabin where Madelyn Stillwell (!) greets him in some lingerie with a glass of milk (what is it with this dude and milk?!) Later, they watch Taxi Driver, and Homelander complains about Stormfront and the rest of The Seven. He says she “would have” got them back in line, and Madelyn says he doesn’t need her; he should get rid of “the weeds.” Suddenly Madelyn is in pain, and we learn it’s not really Madelyn (#obviously), but Doppleganger (Dan Darin-Zanco), who changes back to his normal form. Homelander gets angry and orders him to change back, and he does.

At Vought, Homelander gets into an elevator with Starlight and hits the emergency stop. He says Maeve begged him to save Starlight’s life; he gave her a second chance, and she failed him. He chokes her, pushes her up against the wall and says she disobeyed him for not killing Hughie. She says Hughie broke her heart and she hates him, but she’s not a murderer… convinced she’s not lying, he lets her go.

Black Noir visits analyst Anika with a note that says BUTCHER, and she searches for him; later, Anika finds Butcher on a security camera as Black Noir looks on.

A-Train sees Shockwave (Mishka Thébaud) in the halls at Vought and angrily goes to talk to Ashley. As they speak, Homelander comes in and tells A-Train he’s out of The Seven. Homelander says he knows that A-Train can’t run anymore, so he’s out.

Homelander has eyes for Stormfront

Homelander and Queen Maeve go on a talk show with Maria Menounos, and Homelander says they had no idea about Compound V. They discuss superhero dynamics, and Homelander announces that Maeve is a lesbian, with a Hispanic girlfriend. Maeve confronts him, and he tells her he knows all about Elena. She admits they are together and she loves her; he tells her he’s happy for them, but Maeve looks worried. Outside, Stormfront continues to criticize Vought at a rally. Kimiko moves through the crowd and approaches Stormfront, but Frenchie stops her from attacking Stormfront.

Homelander gets angry as he looks at memes of Stormfront, and confronts her about undermining him. When his eyes start to glow, she apologizes to calm him down. Stormfront says Homelander has fans; she has soldiers. She tells him he is the best of them, but he needs help connecting with his audience; he says he doesn’t need help.

Homelander goes back to the cabin, where ‘Madelyn’ is waiting. She does her usual routine, but he’s not interested. He tells her he doesn’t need anyone but himself, and Doppleganger changes into a copy of Homelander. He tells Homelander everyone loves him, but Homelander says he doesn’t need everyone’s love and he doesn’t need him; he snaps Doppleganger’s neck.

Hughie, Starlight and Mother’s Milk

Road trippin’

Starlight meets Hughie in Central Park, and she says she got his voicemail, but Hughie doesn’t want to discuss it; Starlight thinks things are worse off now that Compound V is common knowledge. Hughie gets a call about going to North Carolina, and he goes to leave, but Starlight breaks down and says she ‘can’t do this anymore.’ Hughie asks MM if Starlight can join them; he reluctantly agrees.

At a diner, Starlight tells MM how her dad used to sneak her to Dunkin Donuts for sugary treats, and he would just listen to her, unlike her mom. MM tells her about how his dad used to go to Baskin Robbins and sample every flavor; they toast to ‘fathers and sugar’. Afterwards, MM gives her wet wipes in the parking lot as a truck hits a car behind them. Starlight goes to help, but Hughie and MM say she can’t.

Hughie, MM and Starlight get 2 rooms at a motel. Starlight asks Hughie about MM’s OCD (the wet wipes, how he stirs coffee and taps the steering wheel 3 times, as examples), but Hughie hasn’t noticed. After discussing Starlight’s questionable candy bar tendencies, she tells Hughie she only sleeps 4 hours a night and is in constant terror of Homelander. After saying she doesn’t feel terrified with him, they sleep together.

Valerie tells her story

The group arrives at the address Mallory gave them, and a woman named Valerie Hunter (Dawnn Lewis) answers the door, but thinks they’re from Vought; they say they just want to know about Liberty. MM tells them he has a vendetta against Vought because his dad was a lawyer who fought them and ended up dying at 55; he says he wants to make Vought pay for what they did to his dad. Inside, Valerie tells the group that when she was little, while her brother Myron was driving and she slept in the back seat, Liberty stopped the car and took him out. Liberty accused him of being involved in a robbery and killed him; Vought offered them a $2,000 settlement and they took it. She says they can’t let anyone know she talked to them because Liberty would kill her; Hughie says she disappeared and no one has seen her since 1979. But Valerie gets a newspaper article with a picture and says “that’s Liberty.” The group looks at the photo of Stormfront on the front page.

The trio discusses the situation and Hughie asks how Liberty and Stormfront could be the same person; she would be around 70 years old. Starlight says they don’t know what Compound V can do and maybe she doesn’t age normally… Back in the city, Starlight thanks Hughie for letting her tag along, and she tells him they can’t be together again. She says they’re all alone, kisses him and says goodbye.


After doing some drugs, Frenchie tries to kiss Kimiko, but she pushes him away. Later, Frenchie goes to see Cherie (Jordana Lajoie) and tells her about Kimiko; they sleep together, and afterwards Cherie says he’s trying to make amends for the people he’s hurt, but he should just let her grieve.

In Ohio, The Deep and Carol are interviewing women about love and relationships. The Deep chooses one woman – Gianna – but Carol tells him a woman named Cassandra is ‘his wife.’ They are trying to rehabilitate his image to get him back in The Seven, with the Church of the Collective’s help.

So Butcher and Becca can’t see eye to eye, Frenchie and Kimiko can’t connect, and Homelander can’t escape his serious issues. With A-Train being pushed out of The Seven, The Deep trying to get back in, and the shocking reveal that racist 70’s Supe Liberty is now Stormfront, things seem to be shaping up for an eventful second half of the season! M

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