The Reluctant HOH

Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 6 HOH + Nominations

It’s week 6 and BB is airing its first Tuesday night show of the season (due to the Academy of Country Music Awards airing Wednesday). Will the house be shaken up this week? It hasn’t so far, but we’ll see…

HOH and Nominations

Who had the fortitude to stay on the The Wall in the HOH comp? Before we get to that…

Christmas and Da’Vonne spoke before Bayleigh’s eviction, and made amends from the messy argument that happened last week. They assure each other they’re safe if each becomes HOH, but in the DR Day says she’ll go after Christmas if she gets the chance.

Back to the comp: Dani says she doesn’t want to win, and the only person she doesn’t want to win is Tyler. Day drops, purposely, to make it seem like she’s not good at comps. In the DR she gives an Emmy worthy performance, crying that she didn’t win – then letting us know it’s an act. Da’Vonne is easily the most entertaining houseguest this season!

After Day, David drops, then Ian. Memphis, Enzo and Kevin follow. Tyler drops a bit later, leaving Cody, Nicole and Dani to battle it out. In the DR: Cody says he wants either Nicole or Dani to get some blood on their hands; Nicole says she doesn’t want to win. Again, on purpose, Nicole falls, then Cody – leaving Dani as the new head of household; Tyler is rightfully concerned!

Dani tells Day she can relax; it seems like she and the house will be gunning for Tyler. Dani says she’s close to everyone in the house, so nominations will be tough; David tells Day he’s worried because he and Dani aren’t close – however, he has the Disruptor power, which he hasn’t told anyone about. Kevin says he’s not close to Dani either, so he’s also worried.

Day tells Dani she’d put up Christmas, but Cody tells her to put up David and Kevin. They discuss back-dooring Tyler; Cody doesn’t want Tyler out because he says Tyler is a bigger threat, and without Tyler the target is squarely on him – and he’s probably not wrong about that. Later, Tyler talks to Dani and tells her he wouldn’t be bitter about Dani coming after him…

Kevin talks to Enzo, Dani and David about representation, and that he feels optimistic about where things are going with regards to people being able to just be themselves. Another important conversation, especially in the BB universe, because there have been major issues with the show and past contestants not being inclusive.

With so many alliances, Dani is conflicted about actually going after Tyler. She tells Kevin she needs him to be a pawn for her, and gives him a heads up that he’s most likely going on the block. Afterwards, she makes a deal with Tyler not go after each other until final 4 (!). Well, Tyler suggests that – will Dani play along? At this point she’s not even sure, but likes the option of keeping or evicting Tyler.

At the nomination ceremony, Dani puts up Kevin and David, following the wishes of her various alliances. She tells the nominees they just don’t really talk game and she’s genuinely sorry.

With David’s Disruptor power, there is a possibility for things to be shaken up this week. I hope he uses it, so Dani is forced to nominate someone else (most likely Tyler?) and ACTUALLY MAKE A MOVE!! But we shall see… M

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