A House Disrupted

Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 6 POV

So before the show even starts, BB Announcer Dude lets us know David is going to use his power and Dani will have to nominate someone else. Obvious, but #spoilers?!

During the actual show, David whips up some fake tears, and talks to Da’Vonne; he doesn’t let Day know he’s going to switch up the noms. Enzo and Cody discuss Dani wanting to back door Tyler but they say this absolutely can’t happen.

Cody, Dani and Christmas discuss the BB Basement powers, and why they haven’t been used… later, the houseguests are called to the kitchen and told the Disruptor power has been unleashed! David is taken off the block, and Dani nominates Tyler in his place. She calls Tyler up to the HOH room and tells him she doesn’t want him gone (pause for laughter). In the DR Tyler says they just made a deal, and he thought they were past their issues. You can understand his confusion.

David goes around asking everyone if they used the power on him; all of houseguests see right through him. Truly one of the funniest moments this season, and proof of why David hasn’t earned All Star status.

Dani talks to Christmas and says if she needs to put up a replacement nominee, Christmas or Memphis have the votes to stay. In the DR, Christmas asks why Dani is replacing one alliance member on the block for another? Dani has seemingly gone off the rails!

At the Veto pick, Dani chooses Da’Vonne, Tyler chooses Ian, and Kevin chooses Enzo. Day tells Dani she’ll keep noms the same to re-establish their trust.

Nicole hosts the Veto, and with a truly low-res CGI effect, the houseguests who are playing are shot with some sort of ray, or something, and ‘disappear’ from the living room..

Yes, this is a typical type of BB competition

The competition has the houseguests stacking 15 tiny cans of beer into a pyramid, with comically large tweezers. They fall, rebuild, and fall again, as you might expect.

After everyone meticulously stacks their tiny, tiny beer cans, Da’Vonne manages to stack her cans and wins (a very tiny, but very real) Veto – her first comp win! In the DR, Day says she doesn’t know what she’s going to do; she told Dani she wouldn’t use the veto, because she didn’t expect to win. Expect the unexpected, Day!

Kevin talks to Day, and wants her to take him off the block. Day tells Kevin she can’t really do that, because then she and Kevin will go up next week. Logical! But Day goes to talk to Dani, and says she wants to keep Kevin on her side, so she actually might use the veto.

Dani doesn’t know what to do if Kevin comes down; her only replacement options are Enzo and Ian. Cody tells Dani she needs to convince Day just to not use the veto, and Nicole tells her she doesn’t want Ian to go up… Later, Dani and Day speak, and Dani says she’s a much better ally than Kevin (100% true, for the record). In the DR Day says it’s her veto and Dani can’t dictate what she’ll do with it.

At the veto meeting, Day uses the veto on Kevin, and Dani replaces him with Ian – who she calls “the ultimate pawn.”

So David’s power really DID shake up and disrupt the house this week! Ian is a BB winner, and Tyler is a huge threat, so there’s a case for evicting either of them. Personally I think it’s smarter to take Tyler out now, but these houseguests haven’t made the best decisions this season, so we’ll see!! M

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