Collateral Damage

Big Brother: All Stars | CBS | Week 6 Eviction

The house was disrupted by a secret power, and Ian is on the chopping block; former winner vs. great player: who will go?

After Ian is chosen as a replacement nominee, Da’Vonne talks to Dani and tells her she’ll do everything she can to keep Ian in the game.

Dani apologizes to Ian, though she doesn’t mean it; we learn there’s yet another alliance named The Four Prime: Dani, Cody, Nicole and Ian. Even so, Dani doesn’t seem to be very interested in keeping Ian.

Dani talks to Tyler and says he ‘definitely doesn’t want to’ come after him, and he seemingly believes her? He thinks they’re pretending to be enemies to fool everyone, but Dani isn’t playing. In the DR, Tyler says he has to keep her in his sights – so he’s not playing either!

Ian talks to Memphis to get him to keep him in the house, but Memphis tells him he’s just as dangerous as Tyler, if not more, because he actually won the game. Ian tells Nicole about the conversation with Memphis and she tells Ian she’ll campaign for him to stay. She wants Ian to stay but going against Tyler would be going against her alliance. #Tricky!

Day and Kevin compare notes and think it’s weird Tyler isn’t campaigning for himself; they think he knows he has the votes to stay.

Dani tells Nicole they can’t go against The Committee; if they campaign against Tyler they’ll put targets on their backs. Nicole talks to Memphis and Cody about keeping Ian but they’re not even entertaining it.

At the eviction, Da’Vonne, Kevin and David vote to evict Tyler, but the rest of the houseguests vote to evict Ian – even Nicole (!) – and he becomes the first member of the BB22 jury.

It’s crazy how Ian went from unassuming floater to ultimate pawn to evicted in one week! This is the kind of gameplay needed for this season, but Ian just ended up as collateral damage between Dani and her multiple alliances.

In this goodbye interview, Ian has nothing but nice things to say about his housemates and applauds them for playing so well – a class act, for sure.

Cody and Memphis grab their hydrant shaped puzzle pieces

Dani chooses not to use the Replay power, so she does not compete in the HOH competition. Said competition, “Hydrant Hustle”, sees the houseguests putting together a big puzzle in the shape of a fire hydrant.

The shows ends mid-comp so we’ll see who has the power on Sunday; let’s see if someone other than anyone in The Committee can pull out a win! M

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